The Crastina Academy

The Crastina Academy is a group of people who are passionate about science and communication. 

Ania Jeszka (PL)

Ania: “I’m connecting people within bio-tech and spreading ideas”

I’m a biotechnologist that drifted  to IT and project management. I’m passionate about the interplay of science, business and human relations. Being a people person I created an association (Boost Biotech) to build the bio-tech community of cooperating individuals, and provide them with occasions to connect, get inspired and start cooperating. ( – coming soon!)

Ania Jeszka (PL)Bio-tech Booster
Andrea Pettersson (SE)

Andrea: “I want to explore and use the popular media to communicate science.”

I’m a Swedish social entrepreneur, author and engineer, communicating science to youngsters. I currently work with the children’s book project named Inga Ingenjör (‘Inga the Engineer’, see below) and at a Swedish Science center. I want to explore and use the popular media to communicate science.

Inga Ingenjör (

Andrea Pettersson (SE)Engineer & Social Entrepeneur
Hans Van de Water (BE)

Hans: “Life is too short for bad presentations”

I created The Floor is Yours to train scientists to make awesome presentations and posters. I give workshops on science communication and publish articles and free ebooks. I am the founder of the Science Battle (‘de Wetenschapsbattle’), a competition for researchers to present their work to elementary school children.

The Floor is Yours


Hans Van de Water (BE)Science Communications Consultant
Alicia González (ES)

Alicia: “I am supporting new ways to spread scientific communication using music, dance and poetry”

I am a medical doctor from Spain with a background in Classical and Spanish dance and a strong interest in scientific communication. I am the founder of Ojos Venecia, currently working on new ways of scientific communication/dissemination.


Ojos Venecia Website


Alicia González (ES)Medical doctor and Dancer
Elena Milani (IT)

Elena: “I’m exploring the communication gap between science and society on Twitter”

I’m a Ph.D. student in Science Communication and a member of the Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England (UK), and I’m investigating pro- and anti-vaccine images used for advocacy that are shared on Twitter. My research integrates my academic background in biology and neuroscience with my work experience in digital and visual communication.

Elena Milani (IT)Science communicator
Olle Bergman (SE)

Olle: “Having fun being serious”

Based in Sweden, I am a communications consultant, public speaker, educator, freelance writer and author who helps top professionals and students get their facts, ideas and opinions across. I founded (Scientia) Crastina in 2013, and love seeing the network being taken over by a friendly collective.

Olle Bergman (SE)Communications consultant & freelance writer
Pieter Torrez (BE)

Pieter: “I’m providing the scientific community with great visuals”

I‘m a graphic designer from Belgium with a master in marine science and a keen interest in (interactive) scientific visualisation to communicate science. I’m the founder of Scigrades (Scientific Graphic Design), providing the scientific community with great visuals to improve science communciation.

Scigrades website

Pieter Torrez (BE)Science illustrator
Julia Turan (US/HU)

Julia: “I’m hoping to promote a language of science legible to all.”

Julia Turan, neurobiologist and science communicator, is currently Communications Manager at The Physiological Society. She triturated, pipetted, imaged, and analyzed, during her undergrad years studying neurobiology. Since then, she has shifted into the world of science communications, hoping to promote a language of science legible to all. She completed her MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement at the University of Edinburgh.

Piece of Mind
(“Memorable, thought-provoking science stories each week that go beyond ‘this new study shows …’ to help us understand our intricate world.”)

Twitter: @JuliaTuran

Julia Turan (US/HU)Science writer
Esther De Smet (BE)

Esther: “For the love of science, people, and Twitter.”

I am a classical scholar by training that ended up at the central Research Department of Ghent University as a Senior Policy Advisor. In that capacity I’m involved in developing our research information system (GISMO) and the university’s policy on societal value creation and impact. But my true calling is creating a stimulating and nurturing research environment at Ghent and putting all our wonderful research on the map. I invest a lot of time and energy into my amazing network of researchers and other partners in research communication and developing my own skills. I lead workshops on communication strategy, impact, digital presence and social media. Twitter is my medium of choice: as proud curator of @ResearchUGent I hope to change Flemish research communication for the better.

Esther De Smet (BE)Science Communicator
Karim Madjer (FR)

Karim: “Science and communication are compatible”

The World is not divided between Arts and Science. Trained as a physicist, I am just as happy when drawing or writing as I am when chasing the electrons. Half-French / Half-British, I spent a few years as a professional translator, before devoting myself full-time to science communication. I am now the co-founder of the communication agency “Big Bang Science”. I am also a proud member of the select Café des Sciences; you can discover my universe on my blog  Sweet Random Science.

Big Bang Science website (

Sweet Random Science blog ( )

Karim Madjer (FR)
Science Communicator

Karim Madjer (FR)Science Communicator
Alan Vonlanthen (FR)

Alan: ”Science can be popular”

Half-Swiss / Half-Brit, I have been into popular science for the past 15 years and have been campaigning for science to regain its importance within the French mainstream culture since the creation of my Science Podcast “Podcast Science“. I am the former President of the Café des Sciences. I have developed a strong expertise in Digital Communication over the years and I was happy to merge all of my passions into the communication agency I co-founded: “Big Bang Science”.

Big Bang Science website (

Podcast Science ( )

Alan Vonlanthen (FR)
Science Communicator

Alan Vonlanthen (FR) Science Communicator