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Randy McIntosh, neuroscientist: “I see parallels between the process of discovery in science and musical improvisation”

For Randy McIntosh, Scientist at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute and Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Toronto, music is both a passion as well as something that supports his intellectual work as a scientist. ”Music is so integral to who I am and what I do, I need to find time to play, […]

John Hinton: ”The science of music, and the music of science”

“Writing and performing science songs is the niche field in which I’ve carved out something of a profession over the past decade,” says John Hinton, theatre practitioner, science communicator, and the creator of Ensonglopedia of Science, launched in February 2017, which has a song about science for each letter of the alphabet. Here he shares […]

Rahim Munir: ”There are multiple gains with having a personal website”

“My exposure to juxtaposition cultures, from Korea to Saudi Arabia, have shaped me into a vibrant, adaptable and tolerant personality,” writes Rahim Munir, PhD student at KAUST on his personal website. Rahim continues: “This blog will help me and readers to use culturally and scientifically emanant curiosity to explore and think more about actual realities of […]

Nikola Vukovic, Aarhus Uni: “My website helps me keep a consistent professional profile online”

”Having a personal website allows you to create a unified platform to integrate all your various identities,” says Nikola Vukovic, postdoc at Aarhus University in Denmark. This month, Crastina is reaching out to scientists who uses a personal website as a communication platform. The Crastina theme of November–December 2017 is “the scientist’s personal website”. Nikola Vukovic (http://nikola.me/) is a […]

The Crastina Column: Why you A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y need a personal website as a scientist

Being a scientist means that you need to promote yourself as skilled and influential individual in your professional field. Accordingly, a personal website seems to be an obvious tool for a science or tech person with great ambitions. Here Stephan van Duin from The Online Scientist explains why in closer detail. The theme of Crastina in November/December […]

How to produce a stop-motion video about quantum computing

“What are quantum computers and how does playing games help physicist in cutting edge research?” This intriguing question was recently explained in a very elegant YouTube video published by ScienceAtHome.   Crastina got in touch for an interview with one of the creators: Janet Rafner, who is a physicist and scicommer, currently at Copenhagen University, Denmark. Hi Janet, […]