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Advent calendars with science theme

Web based Advent calendars seem to become more and more popular, and they come in a multitude of flavors regarding themes, content and form. Here are some of the (more or less) science themed calendars of 2016. This is an active crowdsourcing page – please send suggestions to olle@bergman.com. General science 24 scientific takes on the holiday […]

The Colour Blue – an interdisciplinary symposium

A symposium on the topic of The Colour Blue – interdisciplinary, rather than multidisciplinary. This will be taking place on Saturday 19 November at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. Crastina had a chat with the project leader Robert Fosbury. “I was an IAS Fellow at the Durham Institute of Advanced Study in 2013 where I participated […]

Bringing science to life – 5 tips on how to create a scientific 3D animation

An animation is a powerful tool to communicate a message within a short time in an easy and memorable way. Here Katharina Petsche, media designer and molecular biologist from Vienna, gives her best advice on how to create a scientific 3D-animation Animated videos have a high potential for science communication to make complex concepts understandable. They can […]

Web videos in science and research communications

In May, a special science communication session was held at the Annual STS Conference in Graz, Austria, to “study the potentials and problems of web videos in science communication”. Special interest was aimed the impact of such videos on the public communication of STEM subjects. Crastina got in touch with one of the organizers, Joachim Allgaier – a sociologist, media researcher and deputy […]

Swedish Public & Science organisation launches animation project

Recently, the Swedish organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet (‘Public & Science’) launched an animation project where they want to reach out to children and youngsters. The first video has the title What is Science? (“Vad är vetenskap?”) and was produced in cooperation with the National Food Agency. Crastina got in touch with the project leader Fredrik […]