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The Crastina Column, September: Shining a light on the dark art of animation

Video and animation are becoming more and more useful to explain complex and minute features of science. Claudia Stocker of Vivid Biology – “a Design studio for cutting edge Science” – explains why active scientists shouldn’t be afraid…

Petnica Science Center- a gemstone in the heart of Serbia

Founded in the Yugoslav years, Petnica Science Center keeps inspiring and educating generations of  Serbian high-schoolers. Aleksej Drino, Ph.D. student at the University of Vienna, gives a homage to “ the place I truly belonged to”. The…

bNosy — helping kids master science and technology through edutainment

”Helping kids master science and technology through edutainment” is the tagline for the Swedish company bNosy which, among other things, offers fiction books, apps and videos. Karolina Kjellberg, founder with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, is…

Helping exceptionally gifted children in Poland

Gifted children, who asks bigger questions and pursue more advanced interests, often feel alienated in the school system. The Polish Children’s Fund addresses this problem by offering scholarships for talented pre-university students. Piotr…

Why scientists should mentor highschool students (Philip Frick, August 2016)

”Most of the mentors say that they never thought they would benefit from the experience as much as they did.” says Philip Frick, tech student and creator of Rays. This Swedish summer research school for talented students serves to gap between the world of research and curious and talented teenagers.

Why science should experiment more with comics (Matteo Farinella, June 2016)

It is time to seriously start experimenting with visual narratives!” says Matteo Farinella, neuroscientist and science cartoonist. He is convinced that comics can evolve to a powerful tool for science communication.

Attracting more women into the Tech industry – a matter of communication and role models? (Kamila Stępniowska, May 2016)

How do we attract more women into the Tech industry? Kamila Stępniowska, co-creator of Geek Girls Carrots and workshop manager of global machine learning at, points out some solutions based on communication and role models.