Communication stuff which can be put to use by early career scientists – new channels and methods, tutorials, interviews about practical stuff, links to forgotten gems etc.

Boarding Card for (nervous) speakers

The first pdf document has been added to the Guides & articles section: a Boarding Card for (nervous) speakers.

PhD Survival Guide from Flowing Data blogger

Nathan Yau, the statistician that runs the blog Flowing Data, recently wrote a ”Survival Guide to Starting and Finishing a PhD”. Tips on making it through, what I would tell my previous self going in, and advice on taking advantage of…

Same story skeleton in Toy Story and The Walking Dead

A comparison between Toy Story and The Walking Dead by John Wray has gone viral on the internet. And there is no doubt that there are similarities.

DNA animation more inspirational than instructional

The London-based  creative agency Territory created this elegant video for BBC Knowledge. It explains the role and function of DNA. It’s fun to watch, but I finds it…

Hans Rosling: The Magic Washing Machine

Are you, like me, blown away by Hans Rosling’s presentations skills in this video? Or do you think there is a ”Rosling hype” and that his style and performances are ”form without substance” (T.S. Eliot)?…

E.O. Wilson: ”The world needs [young scientists], badly”

E.O. Wilson, legendary scientist in the fields of e.g. sociobiology and myrmecology (the study of ants), is an excellent science communicator. For example, he has won the Pulitzer Prize twice in the category for General Non-Fiction. I…