Communication stuff which can be put to use by early career scientists – new channels and methods, tutorials, interviews about practical stuff, links to forgotten gems etc.

Six tips when you’re explaining science to kids

“Explaining science to kids is demanding!” says Michał Krupiński, Polish nuclear physicist and science communicator. Here he shares some of is experience in the form of six tips. The main messages: “Don't be childish, and don't oversimplify!”. …

Base Graphics in R: A Detailed Idiot’s Guide

The programming language R is great for data visualization: users have a total control of all graph features, plots can be easily modified or replicated, and the active developers community keeps improving and developing new graphic packages.…

A guide to 7 science comics and animations that you need to know about

Anna Woolman, science enthusiast and masters student at Leeds University, shares some of her favourite science comics and explains why we need to have a closer look at them.

Photo on your CV or not? – the complete guide

Should you include your photo on your CV or not? This guide is a follow-up to The Crastina Column of March 2016, “The CV controversy: maybe you are asking the wrong question?”.

3 tips to improve your networking skills—advice from an international student

Many people tell me that they’re unable to network due to their lack of charisma and social skills, but networking is not only about that. Charisma and social skills help - mostly in terms of overcoming social awkwardness in social situations, but fortunately, networking is not purely based on your charisma. First and foremost, networking is a skill and you can learn

Toolbox from Karolinska Institutet inspires bioentrepreneurs to create and collaborate

You don’t have to be a genius to spark ideas, turn concepts on their heads or inspire groups to work in the same direction – you just need tools! A collection of such tools was newly published in English by the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship,…

Organising useful meetings online – some advice from a webinar host

How do you create the best preconditions for a succesful webinar? ”Know your audience, be prepared with your content and know how to do the marketing” are some of the advice from Andrew Juurinen, seasoned webinar host at XTalks.