I Am SciComm

– the rotating Twitter account for SciCommers

Starting from June 2017, Crastina is managing the rotating Twitter account, I Am SciComm – @iamscicomm. Each week, the control of this Twitter account is handed over to a new SciCommer who posts about his/her activities, reading, experiences, and thoughts on #SciComm.

The I Am SciComm Twitter account was created by Amanda Freise and colleagues from SciComm Hub:

“SciComm Hub is a community and collection of resources focused on science education, outreach, and communication. The Hub aims to assist students in exploring and finding careers in science communication, to provide a space for students, postdocs, and faculty to interact and network in the context of science communication, and to connect students to relevant resources and opportunities.”

 The account manager Tatyana Saraeva, can be reached at iamscicomm@crastina.se. Tatyana is very happy to answer any questions.

I Am SciComm Schedule: Upcoming Curators


January 8-January 13: Gabriella (@gkountourides) – Science educator @nhmLondon, interested in human evolution and human behaviour. BBC Expert woman 2017. Trying to encourage women into STEM.

January 15-January 20: Sabine Gysi (@SabineGysi) – Editor-in-Chief BOLD, Blog on Learning and Development boldblog.org; Communication Manager, Jacobs Foundation.

January 22-January 27: Magali Boissiere (@MagBoiss) – Communication Officier for @Pasteur_CRT in @InstitutPasteur and devoted to scientific popularization.

January 29-February 3: Margot Wohl (@Brains_n_Bugs, @RadScientistPod) – PhD student @UCSanDiego, Creator/Producer of KPBS Podcast, “Rad Scientist” www.kpbs.org/RadScientist and Creator/Producer of Salk Talk (first 4 episodes) www.salk.edu/news/podcast.

February 5-February 10: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – Co-Founder @BioRender, Founder @Anatomize, Artist @NatGeo, @HopkinsMedicine alum, Startup @MaRSDD. Artist-Scientist-Entrepreneur and STEM advocate.

February 12-February 17: Cerys Bradley (@hashtagcerys) – PhD candidate @UCL, Student Engager @UCL, member of SciComm project the Talent Factory.

February 19-February 24: Hanna Bates (@hannatbates) – Program Assistant for the Iowa Water Center, MS in Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture from Iowa State University.

February 26-March 3: Erinma Ochu @erinmaochu new lecturer @scicommsalford, mediamaker @squirrel_nation.

March 5-March 10: Alex Fitzpatrick (@ArchaeologyFitz) – Zooarchaeologist, Blogger, and PhD Student @UniofBradford, Student Fellow of Society of Antiquaries in Scotland.

March 12-March 17: Alyssa Arre (@AlyssaArre) – PhD student at Yale University studying comparative developmental psychology, Education Docent at Yale University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.

March 19-March 24: Lina Eklund (@eklund_lina) – Research Associate @CMES_LUND, @lunduniversity. Geographer using natural science to answer social science questions. Like my tea with two spoonfuls of #scicomm.

March 26-March 31: Héloïse Dufour (@HeloisedDufour) – Director @CercleFSER, Promoting evidence-based outreach and education and empowerment of stakeholders through peer to peer interactions.

April 2-April 7: Dani Rabaiotti (@DaniRabaiotti) – PhD student at the Zoological Society of London and UCL, and the author of ‘Does It Fart? The definitive guide to animal flatulence’.

April 9-April 14: open

April 16-April 21: Athanasios Psaltis – (@psaltistha) – Nuclear Astrophysics PhD student @McMasterU working @TRIUMFLab for his project, Producer/Presenter at McCallion Planetarium, Coordinator of @RsNHam and @PintofScienceCA at #HamOnt, Editor at @SciSeeker.

April 23-April 28: Dr Manu Saunders (@ManuSaunders) – Research Fellow @UniNewEngland, Ecologist working to understand how we need insects to survive, Blogger at https://ecologyisnotadirtyword.com/

April 30-May 5: Shaun O’Boyle (@shaunoboyle) – Science Communicator and Producer, Co-Founder of Bureau, Co-Founder of LGBTQ in Irish STEM, and a big fan of Dana Scully gifs.

May 7-May 12: Dr. Hannah Little (@hanachronism) – Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of the West of England.

May 14-May 19: Rachel Webber (@askdruniverse) – Science writer @WSU. Connect K-8 students w/ STEM through Q&A @AskDrUniverse.

May 21-May 26: open

May 28-June 2: open

June 4-June 9: Jason Organ (@OrganJM) – Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at @IUMedSchool, Editor/Writer for @SciCommPLOS.

June 11-June 16: open

June 18-June 23: open

June 25-June 30: open

Community-Created Resources

The @iamscicomm community is diverse. Hosts and followers are from all over the world, from a wide range of backgrounds, and with lots of #scicomm knowledge to share. Check out the following community-sourced resources, and let us know if you have more to add!

Academic/SciComm Twitter Hashtagsstarted and curated by Elena Milani (@biomug)

Video/Photography Science Competitions: curated by Roy Smolens Jr (@smoroi)

Science/SciComm Podcasts: curated by Jennifer Tsang (@jw_tsang)

Past Curators – 2017

January 2-January 7: Dave Christensen (@christensendrg) – Research Technician @unisouthampton, on committee that founded Bright Club Southampton, contributor to Southampton’s The Science Room

January 9-January 14: Liz Goodfellow (@FuturityNews) – Lead Assistant Editor at Futurity.org, @UofR communications, stock art maven, amateur birder

January 16-January 21: Rachel Pendergrass (@Sharkespearean) – Host and Producer @SolveForXShow, freelance science writer, and performer

January 23-January 28: Engage Science (@EngageScience) – grad student led sci comm course @UW, engaging the next gen of science communicators

January 30-February 4: Karen Ring (@DrKarenRing) – Website and Social Media Manager for @CIRMnews – science blogger at https://blog.cirm.ca.gov/ and scicomm podcaster

February 6-February 11: Michelle Neil (@michelle_neil) – #scivol with @CitSciOz and @CSIROSMiS.

February 13-February 18: Aliyah Weinstein (@desabsurdites) – Doctoral candidate in immunology at University of Pittsburgh; currently working at Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers in Paris, France; blogger at Isn’t That Grad; Social Media Coordinator at @LettersPreSci.

February 20-February 25: Cari Ritzenthaler (@RitzenResearch) – Master’s Student at Bowling Green State University, ecologist studying forest floor invertebrates, writer of RitzenResearch.wordpress.com

February 27-March 4: Alessandra Salgueiro (@asjeditors) – Business Development asjeditors.com, PhD student in Cancer Bio @EmoryUniversity, Sacnista @sacnas

March 6-March 11: Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) – scientist for fiction, disaster researcher, geophysicist, and science communicator. Freelancer for @newscientist @io9 @gizmodo @astronomymag @theweek @physicstoday @arstechnica. Hedgehog caretaker.

March 13- March 18: Lisa Whittaker (@lisawhittaker02) research engagement officer @tenovuscancercare #STEMAmbassador in Wales

March 20-March 25: Lesley Barron (@SimonRBarron) general surgeon at Georgetown Hospital. Enthusiastic evidence based medicine supporter and blogger at canadianfemalesurgeon.wordpress.com

March 27-April 1: Beth Hundey (@bhundey) – Educational Developer & Adjunct Research Prof @westernu – Geographer & environmental change scientist by training & at heart

April 3-April 8: Ritu Raman (@raman_ritu) – Engineer, Writer, Educator. I have a PhD! @NSF Fellow, @Cornell @EngineeringAtIL alum. Passions: #3Dprinting #BioBots #BuildingWithBiology & #STEMdiversity. Website: RituRaman.com

April 10-April 15: Aadita Chaudhury (@ThylacineReport) – PhD student in Science and Technology Studies at York University. Writer of The Thylacine Reports.

April 17-April 22: Graham Ganssle (@grahamganssle) – President at Sandstone Oil, Co-host of @undrsmpldrdio, bit-slinger at https://gra.m-gan.sl

April 24-April 29: Meenakshi Prabhune (@minu_pr) – Science writer and communicator, blogger at https://backpackfullofquestions.com/

May 1-May 6: Steve Cross (@steve_x) – Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, comedian and founder of @ScienceShowoff

May 8-May 13: Sarah E. Kucharski (@AfternoonNapper) – Strategic Communications Lead at Biotech Partners

May 15-May 20: Lindsay Patterson (@_lindsayp) – Creator, host, and producer of Tumble, a science podcast for kids

May 22-May 27: Ben Marcus (@bmarcus128) – Ph.D. in neuroscience from @UChicago, Editorial Board Chair for @IllinoisScience

May 29-June 3: Tiffany Fox (@TiffanyFox) — PIO at UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute, Editor of Research Refined, SciComm Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaking Coach

June 5-June 10: Sharing Science (@AGU_SciComm) – American Geophysical Union scicomm engagement program, Drs. Olivia Ambrogia @squidfan & Shane Hanlon @ecologyofshane

June 12-June 17: Scott Gruber (@scott_gruber) – Developer, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Front end developer at www.ioes.ucla.edu

June 19-June 24: Adrienne Godschalx (@agodschalx) – PhD Candidate @PortlandState, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, chemical ecology of plant symbioses

June 26-July 1: Chanapa Tantibanchachai (@chanapa_t) – Senior Media Relations Representative for @HopkinsMedicine, BS and MS in biology from @ASU

July 3-July 8: Sabine Lasinger (@waukale) – Project Assistant & Head of Explainers @ Vienna Open Lab, a hands-on laboratory for kids & adults

July 10-July 15: Scott Chimileski (@socialmicrobes) – Research Fellow @harvardmed, photographer, writer for @ASMicrobiology, author of upcoming Life at the Edge of Sight @Harvard_Press

July 17-July 22: Naïma Montacer (@naimajeannette) – Environmental Biology Professor at Mountain View College, freelance science writer, and scicomm speaker. Website at EnviroAdventures.com

July 24-July 29: Waqar Ahmed (@Waqar___) – PhD Student in Bioanalytical Sciences and Metabolomics between the University of Manchester and Philips Research B.V.

July 31-August 5: Tania Jenkins (@tania_jenkins) – Science mediator at Musée de zoologie, Lausanne, freelance science outreach, EvoKe project.

August 7-August 12: Florence Schechter (@floschechter) – freelancer, comedian/performer, MD of science film company Collab Lab, founder of world’s first Vagina Museum.

August 14-August 19: Brian Stallard (@BS_butnoBS) & Andrea Alfano (@alfanoar) – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (@CSHL), the Base Pairs #podcast.

August 21-August 26: Pineapples & Whales (@PaW_sci) – Two ecology and evolution nuts distilling research into infographics. Daisy, PhD in evolutionary genetics (algae), & Chloe, PhD student working on population genetics (squirrels).

August 28-September 2: Lisa Stojanovski (@lisastoj) – Scientist of @TMRO. #scicomm with Shell @questacon Science Circus. Future Martian gardener.

September 4-September 9: Ive Velikova (@ivevelikova) – Neuroscience Student @McMasterU, IntroPsych Teaching Assistant, Science YouTuber.

September 11-September 16: Sammy Katta (@sammykatta) – PhD candidate @Stanford, co-founder of NeuWrite West (@stanfordneuro), tickler of worms, hoping to be a science policy fellow.

September 18-September 23: Thomas Woolley (@ThomasEWoolley) – Dr., Mathematical Biologist, Pattern creator and Outreach Extraordinaire. @MathsCU Lecturer at @cardiffuni.

September 25-September 30: Valerie Bentivegna (@vbentii) – PhD student @UoDLifeSciences (@phoqus_fp7), trying to bridge disciplines by studying the physics of cancer, #scicomm enthusiast, often accompanied by a blue ukulele named Bruno.

October 2-October 7: Tracy Schlater (@TracySchlater) – Communication specialist @ISUAgronomy, recovering journalist and corporate communication survivor.

October 9-October 14: Janet Rafner (@jrafner) – Masters Degree Candidate @koebenhavns_uni, Niels Bohr Institute, collaborator @sciathome; Art+Science Innovator.

October 16-October 21: Stephanie Zihms (@geomechsteph) – Research Associate Heriot-Watt University Project Manager for Native Scientist (German in Scotland) & Scicomm trainee.

October 23-October 28: Kitty Gifford (@myndwalk) – curator of public science events @sciencecabaret, instructor of applied science communication, sciencecabaret.org

October 30-November 4: Jessica F. Hebert (@Dame_DNA) – Biology PhD Candidate @Portland_State, Nerdy Musician @PDXBroadsides, SciComm Fellow @OMSI, #teamplacenta.

November 6-November 11: Tami Tolpa (@tolpastudios, @pictureasportal.com) – Science communication specialist.

November 13-November 18: Kristine Richter (@dkkorzow) – @MSCActions Postdoctoral Fellow @York_BioArCh, Conduct SciComm through @FishNShipsUK, biologist – archaeological scientist – ecologist – educator.

November 20-November 25: Micaela Jemison (@bat_whisperer) – Director of Communication & Public Engagement at @BatConIntl, former bat scientist & firefighter, lover of ice cream.

November 27-December 2: Nikola Vukovic (@vukovicnikola) – Neuroscientist @AarhusUni researching the brain basis of language.

December 4- December 9: Zion Lights (@ziontree) – Author of evidence-based nonfiction The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, Co-Editor of JUNO Magazine, postgrad SciComm.

December 11- December 16: Alex Lathbridge (@thermoflynamics) – PhD Student @UniOfBath. Biochemist. Comedian. Founder of @MinoritySTEM.

December 18- December 23: Dr. Tracy Fanara (@inspectorplanet) – Program Manager of Environmental Health at Mote Marine Laboratory, Subcontractor for USGS, Science Communicator, BS, ME, PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida, with a focus on hydrology, sustainable development, and water treatment.

December 24- January 7: On break! Happy Holidays!

Past Curators – 2016

January 18-24: Matt Wilkins (@mattwilkinsbio) – postdoc in evolutionary biology, writer, scicomm enthusiast

January 25-31: Dr. Mike (@drmikeographer) – podcaster, blogger @ #scicomm website, http://www.drmikeographer.co.uk/

February 1-7: Rebecca Heisman (@r_heisman) – Freelance wildlife/environment writer

February 8-14: Pieter Torrez (@PieterTorrez) – marine biologist, graphic designer, founder of @scigrades

February 15-21: Josh Silberg (@joshsilberg) – scicomm coordinator at @HakaiInstitute; marine ecology enthusiast

February 22-28: Matthew Facciani (@MatthewFacciani) – neuroscientist turned sociologist; activist for gender equality

Feb 29-March 6: Carla Burgess (@NounAndVerber) – science/nature writer; citizen science

March 7-13: Kat Middleton (@katmidds) – graduate student, scicomm for environmental non-profits

March 14-20: Lee Constable (@constababble) environmentalist, producer/host of @SoapBoxPodcast

March 21-27: Marina Piccicotto (@MarinaP63) – Yale neuroscientist, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neuroscience

Mar 28-April 3: Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) – Astrophysicist, science advocate and writer, UCSC #scicomm student

April 4-10: Science in the News (@SITNBoston) – PhD student-run organization at Harvard: scicomm to the public

April 11-17: Olle Bergman (@SciCrastina) – Creator of Sciencia Crastina, a scicomm networking platform

April 18-24: Shane M Hanlon (@EcologyOfShane) – PhD, Sharing Science specialist, Story Collider producer

April 25-April 30: Vinita M (@Rocket_Woman1) – Founder http://Rocket-Women.com , spacesuit designer, Space Station Ops Engineer

May 2-7: Heather Buschman (@HeatherBuschman) – PhD science writer for UCSD Health, podcast manager @ N Equals One, media relations + science

May 9-May 14: Julia Turan (@JuliaTuran) – Master’s student in scicomm and public engagement; science writer

May 16-May 21: Kishore Hari (@sciencequiche) – director of Bay Area Science Festival, host of @inquiringshow, video correspondent for Tested.com

May 23-May 28: Amanda Glaze (@EvoPhD) – Scientist/educator exploring evolution controversy + crossroads of science/public opinion

May 30-June 4: Brilliant Botany (@BrilliantBotany) – blog/YouTube about the amazing world of plants and how we study them

June 6-June 11: Sarah Morgan (@DrSMMorgan) – Project Manager for a Participatory Science initiative in South Auckland; facilitating connection between education, the sciences and the wider community

June 13-June 18: Matt Shipman (@ShipLives) – Research comms lead @NCSU, writer at Communication Breakdown, author of the Handbook for Science Public Information Officers

June 20-June 25: Amanda (@neuroamanda) – (neuro)science writer in Japan, working to bring journalism to institutional scicomm, boss of Nerd Nite Tokyo

June 27-July 2: Caitlyn Cardetti (@CaitlynCardetti) – Research Assistant @bmedCUMC, coordinator for @Neurotweeps and @PintofScienceUS

July 5-July 9: Tristan MacLean (@DrTristanMcLean) – PhD, science communicator, educator, non-profit executive, Keep on Questioning co-founder, I’m a Scientist USA program director (@imascientistUS)

July 11-July 16: Si Moore (@S1_MOOR3) – scientist and author at envirosi.wordpress.com

July 18-July 23: Caren Cooper (@CoopSciScoop) – Ecologist at @NCState & NC Museum @naturalsciences, blogger @SciStarter, citizen science, founder/moderator #CitSciChat

July 25-July 30: Maria Afonso (@helloitsnel) – PhD candidate, veterinary microbiologist @ University of Liverpool, writer, blogger, scicomm and public involvement believer

August 1-August 3: Adrian Dingle (@adchempages) – Chemistry Educator & Author

August 8-August 13: Courtney Thomas (@CRThomasPhD) – Science Communicator, Founder of ScienceDailyDose.com, Postdoc @EPFL_en, Volunteer Educator with @UCCEIN

August 15-August 20: Elena Milani (@biomug) – PhDstudent in #scicomm at @UWEBristol and member of @SciCommsUWE, author of

August 22-August 27: Rachel Coker (@rmcoker) – Director of Research Advancement @BinghamtonU, President of University Research Magazine Association, writer and editor at Discover-e

August 29-September 3: Stephen Granade (@Sargent) – Physicist and Roboticist, director of the Dragon Con science track, host of NASA’s No Small Steps YouTube series.

September 5-September 10: Josh Richards (@mighty_ginge) – @MarsOneProject candidate, Teaching associate @ISUnet, physicist & stand-up comedian

September 12-September 17: Olga Dobrovidova (@riascience) — science and environment writer, guest lecturer at SciComm ITMO

September 19-September 24: Erin Winick (@bcofengineering) – Mech Engineering Student @UF, CEO and Founder of Sci Chic, Writer at Scichic.com, @Herpothesis@SheKnows

September 26-October 1: Allie Weill (@Al_R_Wallace) – PhD Candidate at UCDavis, Coordinator for Kids Into Discovering Science & California Phenology Project at Stebbins Reserve, Blogger at

October 3-October 8: Poncie Rutsch (@babescience) – producer of Babes of Science, a podcast chronicling the lives of women in the sciences

October 10-October 15: Virginia Schutte (@vgwschutte) – creator of @real_life_sci, European liaison for @tenurechasers, freelance ball of science enthusiasm

October 17-October 22: Carla Burgess (@NounAndVerber), freelance writer/ed of sci stuff, lover of #CitSci, team Strunk&White

October 24-October 29: Kasey Jacobs (@kaseyrjacobs) – Environmental Scientists and Partnership/Communications Coordinator for @caribbean_lcc and @usfs_iitf@CoastalSociety‘s Comms Chair, Editor of TCS blog

October 31-November 5:  Mark E. Griffin (@chunnamark) – Communications Specialist, Wisconsin Energy Institute and Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

November 7-November 12: Adam Hart (@adamhartscience) – Professor of Science Communication @uniofglos, citizen science fan, author and broadcaster with BBC

November 14-November 19: Eva Amsen (@easternblot) – Scientific Engagement Manager for @theTGMI (based at @ICR_London), co-founder of @MySciCareer, blogger at @easternblot, writer, violinist

November 21-November 26: Andrew Stapleton (@andyjstapleton) – Science communicator and researcher based in Adelaide, South Australia; presenter and producer of the popular podcast Publish, Perish or Podcast; science/comedy blogger

November 28-December 3: Jennifer Tsang (@jw_tsang) – postdoc in microbiology @BIDMCHealth and @harvardmed, blogger at microbialmenagerie.com

December 5-December 10: Kimberly Arcand (@kimberlykowal) – Visualization Lead, NASA’s @Chandraxray, author of popular science books, blogger @HuffPo

December 12-December 17: Danya AbdelHameid (@danyaabdel) Undergraduate student at the College of William and Mary, studying Physics and Geology. Interested in effective science communication for underrepresented audiences and creating inclusive spaces for underrepresented minorities in STEM.

December 19-December 23: Laura Mears (@pressxtoskip). Lab escapee turned science storyteller. Writer @HowItWorksmag and @CR_UK. Occasional game developer. Interested in science by stealth.

December 24- January 1: On break! Happy Holidays!

Past Curators – 2015

May 10-17: Lauren S (@LaSaks87)

May 17-24: Amanda Freise (@AmandaFreise)

May 26-31: Nick Wan (@nickwan)

May 31-June 7: Soledad Machado (@SoleLeeCosas)

June 7-14: Paige Jarreau (@FromTheLabBench)

June 14-21: Laura Vican (@LauraVican)

June 21-28: Barbara Shih (@Barbara_Shih)

June 28- July 5: Adam Huttner-Koros (@ATHuttnerKoros)

July 5-12: Aaron Hall (@aaronmikeyhall)

July 12-19: Louise O’Regan (@_weezey)

July 19-26: Georgia Sinimbu (@G_Sinimbu)

July 26-August 2: Georgia Sinimbu (@G_Sinimbu)

August 9-16: Amanda Freise (@AmandaFreise)

August 23-30: Thom Adams (@ThomedyAdams)

September 7-13: Shai Panela (@ShaiPanela)

September 21-27: Melissa Márquez (@mcmsharksxx)

October 5-11: Shaun Mason (@Scone_Mason)

October 12-18: Shannon Farris (@sfarris721)

October 19-25: Alexa Erdogan (@neurostellar)

October 26-November 1: Jules Pottle (@MrSpottle)

November 2-8: Becky Alexis-Martin (@CalamityCake)

November 9-15: Erica Lewis (@the_chemactress)

November 16-22: Alie Caldwell (@alie_astrocyte)

November 23-29: Paul Kennedy (@scientist_kenni)

November 30-December 6: Leah Crane (@DownHereOnEarth)

December 7-13: Jennifer Fehrenbacher (@DeepSeaDrifter)

December 14-20: Sam Andrews (@HoboSci)