Agata Kurzyk: The hypothetical existence of multiple universes as a musical inspiration

For Agata Kurzyk, a stem cell researcher from Warsaw, combining music and science is all about problem-solving. "Learning how to solve an unconventional problem teaches you to have patience and a humble approach", she says.  Cześć, Agata!…

Michela Vignoli, heavy metal singer & scientist: “I experience science and music as two complementary worlds”

According to Michela Vignoli, music and science relate naturally through our human nature as curios and creative beings. “Music can be understood as something utterly exact and analytical; however, I prefer to apprehend music as an emotional…

How can a scientist benefit from doing music on the side?

The worlds of science and music interconnect at many levels. It can be about the physical principles that make instruments able to produce a melody or a rhythm. Or it can be about complex neurophysiological theories on why we need music in…

The Ensonglopedia of Science (AKA Songs About Science (AKA @ensonglopedia))

”What better way to appreciate the world of science than to listen to songs about it?” The anonymous twitterer behind Songs About Science guides us through a song genre which is very different to the stuff they are playing on the radio.

Inari Kolu—early career geneticist and experienced singer-songwriter

Inari Kolu: "Science & music both need determination and blind belief in yourself". Crastina presents the first of a series of interviews with young scientists who not only pursue a career in the academic world but who also are passionate about a side project.