Short bursts of verse by Celia Berrell of Science Rhymes

What’s your tactic for disseminating science concepts to children and others? For Celia Berrell of Science Rhymes the answer is obvious: “Adding poetry, rap or lyrics to your presentation can engage, entertain and educate!” So put on your…

Science and aesthetics – two complementary views of the world

According to Kyiv-based genetics student Anastasiia Semenova, scientists “still seek and create aesthetic elements in science”. Here she shares some reflections after reading the book To Explain the World: The discovery of modern science…

Innovation, imagination, and narrative: Science new wave cinema

The upcoming ImagineScience Film Festival is held across New York City between October 14 and 21. Here, the founder Alexis Gambis describes the story behind it to Crastina’s Julia Turan, and explains the challenges of portraying science…

Lydia Wysocki on science comics as art-science collaborations

Lydia Wysocki is a Newcastle-based comic connoisseur who shares her experience researching, making and running workshops about comics. So far, Lydia has done three projects for Newcastle Science Comic.

Fostering a better-educated community — the Hamed Mirzaei Foundation

Dr. Hamed Mirzaei, biomedical researcher from USC, wanted to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences and created his own foundation to sponsor talent and disseminate knowledge.

Science Storytelling with Comics, an Interview with Maki Naro

“Science can be fuzzy, dark, and obtuse. There becomes a point where words fail and it’s easier to just draw a picture.” says comic artist Maki Naro who — according to Scientific American — brings “‘serious artwork’ to the…

A guide to 7 science comics and animations that you need to know about

Anna Woolman, science enthusiast and masters student at Leeds University, shares some of her favourite science comics and explains why we need to have a closer look at them.