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How to produce a stop-motion video about quantum computing

“What are quantum computers and how does playing games help physicist in cutting edge research?” This intriguing question was recently explained in a very elegant YouTube video published by ScienceAtHome.   Crastina got in touch for an interview with one of the creators: Janet Rafner, who is a physicist and scicommer, currently at Copenhagen University, Denmark. Hi Janet, […]

Crastina Column, June–Aug 2017: “Being a proud intermediary” by Fredrik Saarkoppel

“I’m specialised in understanding three things: firstly the subject itself, and secondly the perspectives of the two groups that I serve, i.e. senders and receivers.” So says Fredrik Saarkoppel, Swedish freelance illustrator with many clients in academia and the tech industry. This post introduces our summer theme: “Working with the pros”. It was a very peculiar situation. I […]


Darwinopterus settles in at Lapworth Museum of Geology in Birmingham

A pterosaur acting as your museum guide – that is the elegant setting of a promotional video from Lapworth Museum of Geology at the University of Birmingham. “Trying new ways of filming is all part of the process of learning what your perspective is,” says the producer, Jack Richardson, PhD researcher at the department of […]

Doodler and graphic recorder Dr. Jess Wade: “making art should be part of your lab report”

Jess Wade, postdoc in physics at Imperial Collage, has taken her personal doodling to the next level and become a graphic recorder. In this way, she can combine two of her passions – science communication and art. On Twitter, she lets the world know what lectures she has ben listening to. We got in touch with Jess for some personal reflections and […]