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DNA animation more inspirational than instructional

The London-based  creative agency Territory created this elegant video for BBC Knowledge. It explains the role and function of DNA. http://www.territorystudio.com/work/motion/?p=BBC-knowledge-DNA It’s fun to watch, but I finds it a little more inspirational than instructional. In my opinion, the spoken words are actually more explanatory than the graphics. If you were the scientific advisor to this production, […]


E.O. Wilson: ”The world needs [young scientists], badly”

E.O. Wilson, legendary scientist in the fields of e.g. sociobiology and myrmecology (the study of ants), is an excellent science communicator. For example, he has won the Pulitzer Prize twice in the category for General Non-Fiction. I this TED talk he tries to convey some of his experience to early career scientists. http://www.ted.com/talks/e_o_wilson_advice_to_young_scientists.html