As the theme of Crastina this month is the art of using humour to get your message across, I have a suggestion: let’s make a list together with science and tech people — former or current — who are also working in comedy. (Other performers who just love science are also welcome!)

Work in progress – please email me on for suggestions, completions and corrections.



Helen Arney
Comedian. Presenter. Songwriter. Geek.

Dean Burnett
Stand-up comedian and writer. Dr of neuroscience, working for Cardiff University. Writer of the Brain Flapping blog at The Guardian.

Jon Chouler
PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath & stand-up comedian. Founder of Science Stand Up, Bath.

Steve Cross
Founder of Science Showoff.

Sam Gregson
”Bad Boy of Science”, full time LHC physicist, part time comedian.

John Hinton
Theatre practitioner, working primarily as an actor, playwright and director. Creator of the Scientrilogy of musical comedies about scientists (Darwin, Einstein, Curie).

Robin Ince
Actor & stand-up comedian who has partnered up with physicist Brian Cox in the BBC Radio 4 The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Helen Keen
Alternative comedian, curator of Spacetacular!

Matt Parker
Standup maths.

Tom Wrigglesworth
Stand-Up comedian, radio and TV presenter with a background in electrical engineering and acoustics


The Big Van Theory
Group of stand-up scientists who explain science in a fun and accessible way in high schools.


Jeroen Baert
PhD student in computer graphics at the KU Leuven and stand-up comedian.


Helen Arney
Comedian. Presenter. Songwriter. Geek.

Matt Begue
Mathematician at Uni of Maryland.

James Caldwell
Stand-up comedian who appears regularly on “The Late Show with David Letterman. Former civil and environmental engineer. Huffington Post blogger.

Tim Lee
Biologist turned comedian.

Pete Ludovice
Dr. Pete Comedy.

Brian Malow
“Earth’s premier science comedian”.

Don McMillan, Technically Funny
Electrical engineer turned standup comedian. Named the #1 Corporate comedian by CBS BNET.

Sammy Obeid
Standup comedian with a degree in mathematics. Famous for his 1000 Days of Stand-Up.

Shayla Rivera
The Funny Rocket Scientist.

Adam Ruben
Writer, comedian, storyteller, and molecular biologist, author of Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School .

Saad Sarwana
“With [a] unique take on life being a published scientist, a Muslim-American, and South Asian.”

Andy Wood
Stand-up comedian, former engineer at Pixelworks. Hosts the podcast  Probably Science.


Ben McKenzie
”The Man in the Lab Coat”.

Josh Richards
”Physicist, Explosives Engineer, Soldier, Stand-Up Comedian and Astronaut Candidate – one thing Josh Richards can never be accused of is being boring.”

Adam Spencer
Comedian & media personality who is a  a patron of science-related events and programs. Recently wrote the Big Book of Numbers.


Events (regular and past)

Science Standup, Bath (2015)

Large Hadron Comedy night

Comedy College course at Iowa State University (2013)

Other links

26 Comedians Who Are (Probably) Smarter Than You
Huffington Post article in which we learn e.g. that Mr Bean had a M.Sc. in electrical engineering and “Weird Al” Yankovic a B.Sc. in architecture.

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