I Am SciComm

I Am SciComm

– the rotating Twitter account for SciCommers

Starting from June 2017, Crastina is managing the rotating Twitter account, I Am SciComm – @iamscicomm. Each week, the control of this Twitter account is handed over to a new SciCommer who posts about his/her activities, reading, experiences, and thoughts on #SciComm.

The I Am SciComm Twitter account was created by Amanda Freise and colleagues from SciComm Hub:

“SciComm Hub is a community and collection of resources focused on science education, outreach, and communication. The Hub aims to assist students in exploring and finding careers in science communication, to provide a space for students, postdocs, and faculty to interact and network in the context of science communication, and to connect students to relevant resources and opportunities.”

 The account manager, Sarang Park, can be reached at iamscicomm@crastina.se. Sarang is very happy to answer any questions.

Archive of Past IAmSciComm Curators

Past Curators – 2015

May 10-17: Lauren S (@LaSaks87)

May 17-24: Amanda Freise (@AmandaFreise)

May 26-31: Nick Wan (@nickwan)

May 31-June 7: Soledad Machado (@SoleLeeCosas)

June 7-14: Paige Jarreau (@FromTheLabBench)

June 14-21: Laura Vican (@LauraVican)

June 21-28: Barbara Shih (@Barbara_Shih)

June 28- July 5: Adam Huttner-Koros (@ATHuttnerKoros)

July 5-12: Aaron Hall (@aaronmikeyhall)

July 12-19: Louise O’Regan (@_weezey)

July 19-26: Georgia Sinimbu (@G_Sinimbu)

July 26-August 2: Georgia Sinimbu (@G_Sinimbu)

August 9-16: Amanda Freise (@AmandaFreise)

August 23-30: Thom Adams (@ThomedyAdams)

September 7-13: Shai Panela (@ShaiPanela)

September 21-27: Melissa Márquez (@mcmsharksxx)

October 5-11: Shaun Mason (@Scone_Mason)

October 12-18: Shannon Farris (@sfarris721)

October 19-25: Alexa Erdogan (@neurostellar)

October 26-November 1: Jules Pottle (@MrSpottle)

November 2-8: Becky Alexis-Martin (@CalamityCake)

November 9-15: Erica Lewis (@the_chemactress)

November 16-22: Alie Caldwell (@alie_astrocyte)

November 23-29: Paul Kennedy (@scientist_kenni)

November 30-December 6: Leah Crane (@DownHereOnEarth)

December 7-13: Jennifer Fehrenbacher (@DeepSeaDrifter)

December 14-20: Sam Andrews (@HoboSci)

Past Curators – 2016

January 18-24: Matt Wilkins (@mattwilkinsbio) – postdoc in evolutionary biology, writer, scicomm enthusiast

January 25-31: Dr. Mike (@drmikeographer) – podcaster, blogger @ #scicomm website, http://www.drmikeographer.co.uk/

February 1-7: Rebecca Heisman (@r_heisman) – Freelance wildlife/environment writer

February 8-14: Pieter Torrez (@PieterTorrez) – marine biologist, graphic designer, founder of @scigrades

February 15-21: Josh Silberg (@joshsilberg) – scicomm coordinator at @HakaiInstitute; marine ecology enthusiast

February 22-28: Matthew Facciani (@MatthewFacciani) – neuroscientist turned sociologist; activist for gender equality

Feb 29-March 6: Carla Burgess (@NounAndVerber) – science/nature writer; citizen science

March 7-13: Kat Middleton (@katmidds) – graduate student, scicomm for environmental non-profits

March 14-20: Lee Constable (@constababble) environmentalist, producer/host of @SoapBoxPodcast

March 21-27: Marina Piccicotto (@MarinaP63) – Yale neuroscientist, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neuroscience

Mar 28-April 3: Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) – Astrophysicist, science advocate and writer, UCSC #scicomm student

April 4-10: Science in the News (@SITNBoston) – PhD student-run organization at Harvard: scicomm to the public

April 11-17: Olle Bergman (@SciCrastina) – Creator of Sciencia Crastina, a scicomm networking platform

April 18-24: Shane M Hanlon (@EcologyOfShane) – PhD, Sharing Science specialist, Story Collider producer

April 25-April 30: Vinita M (@Rocket_Woman1) – Founder http://Rocket-Women.com , spacesuit designer, Space Station Ops Engineer

May 2-7: Heather Buschman (@HeatherBuschman) – PhD science writer for UCSD Health, podcast manager @ N Equals One, media relations + science

May 9-May 14: Julia Turan (@JuliaTuran) – Master’s student in scicomm and public engagement; science writer

May 16-May 21: Kishore Hari (@sciencequiche) – director of Bay Area Science Festival, host of @inquiringshow, video correspondent for Tested.com

May 23-May 28: Amanda Glaze (@EvoPhD) – Scientist/educator exploring evolution controversy + crossroads of science/public opinion

May 30-June 4: Brilliant Botany (@BrilliantBotany) – blog/YouTube about the amazing world of plants and how we study them

June 6-June 11: Sarah Morgan (@DrSMMorgan) – Project Manager for a Participatory Science initiative in South Auckland; facilitating connection between education, the sciences and the wider community

June 13-June 18: Matt Shipman (@ShipLives) – Research comms lead @NCSU, writer at Communication Breakdown, author of the Handbook for Science Public Information Officers

June 20-June 25: Amanda (@neuroamanda) – (neuro)science writer in Japan, working to bring journalism to institutional scicomm, boss of Nerd Nite Tokyo

June 27-July 2: Caitlyn Cardetti (@CaitlynCardetti) – Research Assistant @bmedCUMC, coordinator for @Neurotweeps and @PintofScienceUS

July 5-July 9: Tristan MacLean (@DrTristanMcLean) – PhD, science communicator, educator, non-profit executive, Keep on Questioning co-founder, I’m a Scientist USA program director (@imascientistUS)

July 11-July 16: Si Moore (@S1_MOOR3) – scientist and author at envirosi.wordpress.com

July 18-July 23: Caren Cooper (@CoopSciScoop) – Ecologist at @NCState & NC Museum @naturalsciences, blogger @SciStarter, citizen science, founder/moderator #CitSciChat

July 25-July 30: Maria Afonso (@helloitsnel) – PhD candidate, veterinary microbiologist @ University of Liverpool, writer, blogger, scicomm and public involvement believer

August 1-August 3: Adrian Dingle (@adchempages) – Chemistry Educator & Author

August 8-August 13: Courtney Thomas (@CRThomasPhD) – Science Communicator, Founder of ScienceDailyDose.com, Postdoc @EPFL_en, Volunteer Educator with @UCCEIN

August 15-August 20: Elena Milani (@biomug) – PhDstudent in #scicomm at @UWEBristol and member of @SciCommsUWE, author of

August 22-August 27: Rachel Coker (@rmcoker) – Director of Research Advancement @BinghamtonU, President of University Research Magazine Association, writer and editor at Discover-e

August 29-September 3: Stephen Granade (@Sargent) – Physicist and Roboticist, director of the Dragon Con science track, host of NASA’s No Small Steps YouTube series.

September 5-September 10: Josh Richards (@mighty_ginge) – @MarsOneProject candidate, Teaching associate @ISUnet, physicist & stand-up comedian

September 12-September 17: Olga Dobrovidova (@riascience) — science and environment writer, guest lecturer at SciComm ITMO

September 19-September 24: Erin Winick (@bcofengineering) – Mech Engineering Student @UF, CEO and Founder of Sci Chic, Writer at Scichic.com, @Herpothesis@SheKnows

September 26-October 1: Allie Weill (@Al_R_Wallace) – PhD Candidate at UCDavis, Coordinator for Kids Into Discovering Science & California Phenology Project at Stebbins Reserve, Blogger at

October 3-October 8: Poncie Rutsch (@babescience) – producer of Babes of Science, a podcast chronicling the lives of women in the sciences

October 10-October 15: Virginia Schutte (@vgwschutte) – creator of @real_life_sci, European liaison for @tenurechasers, freelance ball of science enthusiasm

October 17-October 22: Carla Burgess (@NounAndVerber), freelance writer/ed of sci stuff, lover of #CitSci, team Strunk&White

October 24-October 29: Kasey Jacobs (@kaseyrjacobs) – Environmental Scientists and Partnership/Communications Coordinator for @caribbean_lcc and @usfs_iitf@CoastalSociety‘s Comms Chair, Editor of TCS blog

October 31-November 5:  Mark E. Griffin (@chunnamark) – Communications Specialist, Wisconsin Energy Institute and Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

November 7-November 12: Adam Hart (@adamhartscience) – Professor of Science Communication @uniofglos, citizen science fan, author and broadcaster with BBC

November 14-November 19: Eva Amsen (@easternblot) – Scientific Engagement Manager for @theTGMI (based at @ICR_London), co-founder of @MySciCareer, blogger at @easternblot, writer, violinist

November 21-November 26: Andrew Stapleton (@andyjstapleton) – Science communicator and researcher based in Adelaide, South Australia; presenter and producer of the popular podcast Publish, Perish or Podcast; science/comedy blogger

November 28-December 3: Jennifer Tsang (@jw_tsang) – postdoc in microbiology @BIDMCHealth and @harvardmed, blogger at microbialmenagerie.com

December 5-December 10: Kimberly Arcand (@kimberlykowal) – Visualization Lead, NASA’s @Chandraxray, author of popular science books, blogger @HuffPo

December 12-December 17: Danya AbdelHameid (@danyaabdel) Undergraduate student at the College of William and Mary, studying Physics and Geology. Interested in effective science communication for underrepresented audiences and creating inclusive spaces for underrepresented minorities in STEM.

December 19-December 23: Laura Mears (@pressxtoskip). Lab escapee turned science storyteller. Writer @HowItWorksmag and @CR_UK. Occasional game developer. Interested in science by stealth.

December 24- January 1: On break! Happy Holidays!

Past Curators – 2017

January 2-January 7: Dave Christensen (@christensendrg) – Research Technician @unisouthampton, on committee that founded Bright Club Southampton, contributor to Southampton’s The Science Room

January 9-January 14: Liz Goodfellow (@FuturityNews) – Lead Assistant Editor at Futurity.org, @UofR communications, stock art maven, amateur birder

January 16-January 21: Rachel Pendergrass (@Sharkespearean) – Host and Producer @SolveForXShow, freelance science writer, and performer

January 23-January 28: Engage Science (@EngageScience) – grad student led sci comm course @UW, engaging the next gen of science communicators

January 30-February 4: Karen Ring (@DrKarenRing) – Website and Social Media Manager for @CIRMnews – science blogger at https://blog.cirm.ca.gov/ and scicomm podcaster

February 6-February 11: Michelle Neil (@michelle_neil) – #scivol with @CitSciOz and @CSIROSMiS.

February 13-February 18: Aliyah Weinstein (@desabsurdites) – Doctoral candidate in immunology at University of Pittsburgh; currently working at Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers in Paris, France; blogger at Isn’t That Grad; Social Media Coordinator at @LettersPreSci.

February 20-February 25: Cari Ritzenthaler (@RitzenResearch) – Master’s Student at Bowling Green State University, ecologist studying forest floor invertebrates, writer of RitzenResearch.wordpress.com

February 27-March 4: Alessandra Salgueiro (@asjeditors) – Business Development asjeditors.com, PhD student in Cancer Bio @EmoryUniversity, Sacnista @sacnas

March 6-March 11: Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) – scientist for fiction, disaster researcher, geophysicist, and science communicator. Freelancer for @newscientist @io9 @gizmodo @astronomymag @theweek @physicstoday @arstechnica. Hedgehog caretaker.

March 13- March 18: Lisa Whittaker (@lisawhittaker02) research engagement officer @tenovuscancercare #STEMAmbassador in Wales

March 20-March 25: Lesley Barron (@SimonRBarron) general surgeon at Georgetown Hospital. Enthusiastic evidence based medicine supporter and blogger at canadianfemalesurgeon.wordpress.com

March 27-April 1: Beth Hundey (@bhundey) – Educational Developer & Adjunct Research Prof @westernu – Geographer & environmental change scientist by training & at heart

April 3-April 8: Ritu Raman (@raman_ritu) – Engineer, Writer, Educator. I have a PhD! @NSF Fellow, @Cornell @EngineeringAtIL alum. Passions: #3Dprinting #BioBots #BuildingWithBiology & #STEMdiversity. Website: RituRaman.com

April 10-April 15: Aadita Chaudhury (@ThylacineReport) – PhD student in Science and Technology Studies at York University. Writer of The Thylacine Reports.

April 17-April 22: Graham Ganssle (@grahamganssle) – President at Sandstone Oil, Co-host of @undrsmpldrdio, bit-slinger at https://gra.m-gan.sl

April 24-April 29: Meenakshi Prabhune (@minu_pr) – Science writer and communicator, blogger at https://backpackfullofquestions.com/

May 1-May 6: Steve Cross (@steve_x) – Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, comedian and founder of @ScienceShowoff

May 8-May 13: Sarah E. Kucharski (@AfternoonNapper) – Strategic Communications Lead at Biotech Partners

May 15-May 20: Lindsay Patterson (@_lindsayp) – Creator, host, and producer of Tumble, a science podcast for kids

May 22-May 27: Ben Marcus (@bmarcus128) – Ph.D. in neuroscience from @UChicago, Editorial Board Chair for @IllinoisScience

May 29-June 3: Tiffany Fox (@TiffanyFox) — PIO at UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute, Editor of Research Refined, SciComm Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaking Coach

June 5-June 10: Sharing Science (@AGU_SciComm) – American Geophysical Union scicomm engagement program, Drs. Olivia Ambrogia @squidfan & Shane Hanlon @ecologyofshane

June 12-June 17: Scott Gruber (@scott_gruber) – Developer, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Front end developer at www.ioes.ucla.edu

June 19-June 24: Adrienne Godschalx (@agodschalx) – PhD Candidate @PortlandState, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, chemical ecology of plant symbioses

June 26-July 1: Chanapa Tantibanchachai (@chanapa_t) – Senior Media Relations Representative for @HopkinsMedicine, BS and MS in biology from @ASU

July 3-July 8: Sabine Lasinger (@waukale) – Project Assistant & Head of Explainers @ Vienna Open Lab, a hands-on laboratory for kids & adults

July 10-July 15: Scott Chimileski (@socialmicrobes) – Research Fellow @harvardmed, photographer, writer for @ASMicrobiology, author of upcoming Life at the Edge of Sight @Harvard_Press

July 17-July 22: Naïma Montacer (@naimajeannette) – Environmental Biology Professor at Mountain View College, freelance science writer, and scicomm speaker. Website at EnviroAdventures.com

July 24-July 29: Waqar Ahmed (@Waqar___) – PhD Student in Bioanalytical Sciences and Metabolomics between the University of Manchester and Philips Research B.V.

July 31-August 5: Tania Jenkins (@tania_jenkins) – Science mediator at Musée de zoologie, Lausanne, freelance science outreach, EvoKe project.

August 7-August 12: Florence Schechter (@floschechter) – freelancer, comedian/performer, MD of science film company Collab Lab, founder of world’s first Vagina Museum.

August 14-August 19: Brian Stallard (@BS_butnoBS) & Andrea Alfano (@alfanoar) – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (@CSHL), the Base Pairs #podcast.

August 21-August 26: Pineapples & Whales (@PaW_sci) – Two ecology and evolution nuts distilling research into infographics. Daisy, PhD in evolutionary genetics (algae), & Chloe, PhD student working on population genetics (squirrels).

August 28-September 2: Lisa Stojanovski (@lisastoj) – Scientist of @TMRO. #scicomm with Shell @questacon Science Circus. Future Martian gardener.

September 4-September 9: Ive Velikova (@ivevelikova) – Neuroscience Student @McMasterU, IntroPsych Teaching Assistant, Science YouTuber.

September 11-September 16: Sammy Katta (@sammykatta) – PhD candidate @Stanford, co-founder of NeuWrite West (@stanfordneuro), tickler of worms, hoping to be a science policy fellow.

September 18-September 23: Thomas Woolley (@ThomasEWoolley) – Dr., Mathematical Biologist, Pattern creator and Outreach Extraordinaire. @MathsCU Lecturer at @cardiffuni.

September 25-September 30: Valerie Bentivegna (@vbentii) – PhD student @UoDLifeSciences (@phoqus_fp7), trying to bridge disciplines by studying the physics of cancer, #scicomm enthusiast, often accompanied by a blue ukulele named Bruno.

October 2-October 7: Tracy Schlater (@TracySchlater) – Communication specialist @ISUAgronomy, recovering journalist and corporate communication survivor.

October 9-October 14: Janet Rafner (@jrafner) – Masters Degree Candidate @koebenhavns_uni, Niels Bohr Institute, collaborator @sciathome; Art+Science Innovator.

October 16-October 21: Stephanie Zihms (@geomechsteph) – Research Associate Heriot-Watt University Project Manager for Native Scientist (German in Scotland) & Scicomm trainee.

October 23-October 28: Kitty Gifford (@myndwalk) – curator of public science events @sciencecabaret, instructor of applied science communication, sciencecabaret.org

October 30-November 4: Jessica F. Hebert (@Dame_DNA) – Biology PhD Candidate @Portland_State, Nerdy Musician @PDXBroadsides, SciComm Fellow @OMSI, #teamplacenta.

November 6-November 11: Tami Tolpa (@tolpastudios, @pictureasportal.com) – Science communication specialist.

November 13-November 18: Kristine Richter (@dkkorzow) – @MSCActions Postdoctoral Fellow @York_BioArCh, Conduct SciComm through @FishNShipsUK, biologist – archaeological scientist – ecologist – educator.

November 20-November 25: Micaela Jemison (@bat_whisperer) – Director of Communication & Public Engagement at @BatConIntl, former bat scientist & firefighter, lover of ice cream.

November 27-December 2: Nikola Vukovic (@vukovicnikola) – Neuroscientist @AarhusUni researching the brain basis of language.

December 4- December 9: Zion Lights (@ziontree) – Author of evidence-based nonfiction The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting, Co-Editor of JUNO Magazine, postgrad SciComm.

December 11- December 16: Alex Lathbridge (@thermoflynamics) – PhD Student @UniOfBath. Biochemist. Comedian. Founder of @MinoritySTEM.

December 18- December 23: Dr. Tracy Fanara (@inspectorplanet) – Program Manager of Environmental Health at Mote Marine Laboratory, Subcontractor for USGS, Science Communicator, BS, ME, PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida, with a focus on hydrology, sustainable development, and water treatment.

December 24- January 7: On break! Happy Holidays!

Past Curators – 2018

January 8 – January 13: Gabriella (@gkountourides) – Science educator @nhmLondon, interested in human evolution and human behaviour. BBC Expert woman 2017. Trying to encourage women into STEM.

January 15 – January 20: Sabine Gysi (@SabineGysi) – Editor-in-Chief BOLD, Blog on Learning and Development boldblog.org; Communication Manager, Jacobs Foundation.

January 22 – January 27: Magali Boissiere (@MagBoiss) – Communication Officier for @Pasteur_CRT in @InstitutPasteur and devoted to scientific popularization.

January 29 – February 3: Margot Wohl (@Brains_n_Bugs, @RadScientistPod) – PhD student @UCSanDiego, Creator/Producer of KPBS Podcast, “Rad Scientist” www.kpbs.org/RadScientist and Creator/Producer of Salk Talk (first 4 episodes) www.salk.edu/news/podcast.

February 5 – February 10: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – Co-Founder @BioRender, Founder @Anatomize, Artist @NatGeo, @HopkinsMedicine alum, Startup @MaRSDD. Artist-Scientist-Entrepreneur and STEM advocate.

February 12 – February 17: Cerys Bradley (@hashtagcerys) – PhD candidate @UCL, Student Engager @UCL, member of SciComm project the Talent Factory.

February 19 – February 24: Hanna Bates (@hannatbates) – Program Assistant for the Iowa Water Center, MS in Sociology and Sustainable Agriculture from Iowa State University.

February 26 – March 3: Erinma Ochu (@erinmaochu) – New lecturer @scicommsalford, mediamaker @squirrel_nation.

March 5 – March 10: Alex Fitzpatrick (@ArchaeologyFitz) – Zooarchaeologist, Blogger, and PhD Student @UniofBradford, Student Fellow of Society of Antiquaries in Scotland.

March 12 – March 17: Alyssa Arre (@AlyssaArre) – PhD student at Yale University studying comparative developmental psychology, Education Docent at Yale University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.

March 19 – March 24: Lina Eklund (@eklund_lina) – Research Associate @CMES_LUND, @lunduniversity. Geographer using natural science to answer social science questions. Like my tea with two spoonfuls of #scicomm.

March 26 – March 31: Héloïse Dufour (@HeloisedDufour) – Director @CercleFSER, Promoting evidence-based outreach and education and empowerment of stakeholders through peer to peer interactions.

April 2 – April 7: Dani Rabaiotti (@DaniRabaiotti) – PhD student at the Zoological Society of London and UCL, and the author of ‘Does It Fart? The definitive guide to animal flatulence’.

April 9 – April 14: Sasha Weiditch (@scigirlsash) – PhD researcher, an Instagrammmer of science & WomeninSTEM advocacy and Tedx speaker.

April 16 – April 21: Athanasios Psaltis – (@psaltistha) – Nuclear Astrophysics PhD student @McMasterU working @TRIUMFLab for his project, Producer/Presenter at McCallion Planetarium, Coordinator of @RsNHam and @PintofScienceCA at #HamOnt, Editor at @SciSeeker.

April 23 – April 28: Dr Manu Saunders (@ManuSaunders) – Research Fellow @UniNewEngland, Ecologist working to understand how we need insects to survive, Blogger at https://ecologyisnotadirtyword.com/

April 30 – May 5: Shaun O’Boyle (@shaunoboyle) – Science Communicator and Producer, Co-Founder of Bureau, Co-Founder of LGBTQ in Irish STEM, and a big fan of Dana Scully gifs.

May 7 – May 12: Julien Bobroff (@jubobroff) – Physics Professor at @u_psud – Responsible of the “Physics Reimagined” team at www.PhysicsReimagined.com

May 14 – May 19: Rachel Webber (@askdruniverse) – Science writer @WSU. Connect K-8 students w/ STEM through Q&A @AskDrUniverse.

May 21 – May 26: Layla Katiraee (@BiochicaGmo) – PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto, currently doing a Master’s Certificate in Bioinformatics from Penn State.

May 28 – June 2: Cindy Wu (@cindywu) – co-founder @lets_experiment, caves with @NSScaves, excavates with @BBPaleo, learned how to science @UW, designed an anthrax therapeutic @iGEM, learned how to business @YCombinator.

June 4 – June 9: Jason Organ (@OrganJM) – Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at @IUMedSchool, Editor/Writer for @SciCommPLOS.

June 11 – June 16: Emily Schoerning (@DocSchoerning) – Director of Research and Community Organizing @NCSE, Research in Science Education Division Director @NSTA.

June 18 – June 23: Alexandra Hoegberg (@AlexHoegberg) – Comms officer at @UMCGlobalSafety (@WHO Collaborating Centre in #pharmacovigilance) and editor of Uppsala Reports magazine.

June 25 – June 30: Dr. Matthew O. Kitching (@MattOKitch) – a Royal Society University Research Fellow and avid science communicator @DurhamChemistry who wants to make the world a more colourful place by creating ‘tartan Paint’.

July 2 – July 7: Dr. Hannah Little (@hanachronism) – Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of the West of England.

July 9 – July 14: Harriet Brettle (@harriet_brettle) – PhD student @Caltech, @exploreplanets volunteer and all around space enthusiast.

July 16 – July 21: Jeff Atkins (@atkinsjeff) – Postdoc @VCU, Co-Host @major_revisions, Writes for @PLOSEcology and @RapidEcology.

July 23 – July 28: César A. Urbina-Blanco (@Cesapo) – Postdoctoral Researcher from Venezuela, currently working in Ghent, Belgium, Co-President of the PostDocCommunity at UGent and Coordinator for SciComm of CATCO2RE.

July 30 – August 4: Wes Wilson (@WesleyWilson) – Canadian Cancer Researcher in Australia, Host of MostlyScience Podcast, Editor at @SciSeeker, Educator at Biodiscovery Centre.

August 6 – August 11: Hana Ayoob (@HanaAyoob) – Creative producer specializing in scicomm events, performer, podcaster, artist and co-founder of Minorities in STEM

August 13 – August 18: Sarah Madden (@TheGingerSci) – PhD student in Cancer Research @Cambridge_Uni. Intern @Ri_Science. Passionate about promoting equality for disabled scientists.

August 20 – August 25: Majken Christensen (AstronomiccaDK) – Astrophysicist, outreach consultant, president of Danish Astronomical Society and board member of Women In Physics.

August 27 – September 1: Tom Rozwaha (@TomRozwaha) – Trainee Clinical Psychologist @NHS, DClinPsy student @LancsDClinPsy & Coordinator for @PsyTweeps.

September 3 – September 8: Pranoti Kshirsagar (@MySci_PK) – PhD student @NMI_De, makes transparent graphene electrodes to figure how neurons chit-chat, creator of The Science Talk

September 10 – September 15: Ian Mahar (@ianmahar) – Postdoctoral Researcher at Boston University, Editor at Useful Science (usefulscience.org).

September 17 – September 22: Gabrielle Beans (@gabbylibbybeans) – evolutionary biologist now doing #scicomm at @IceLab_Umea, Umeå University, Sweden. Prior manager of online education platform @complexexplorer

September 24 – September 29: Vanessa Pirotta (@VanessaPirotta) – PhD candidate, Marine Predator Research Group @Macquarie_Uni.

October 1 – October 6: Siva Shakthi A. (@sivashakthia) – Ph.D. student in nonlinear optics and microwave photonics at IISER TVM, India, Optical society of America student chapter’s outreach coordinator, Blogger at www.soglow.blogspot.com

October 8 – October 13: Mirjam Glessmer (@meermini) – Oceanographer doing #scicomm and #scied in research and practice. Scientific coordinator @KiSOC_Kiel. The initiator of @SciCommChall. Writes on mirjamglessmer.com/blog and Instagrams as @fascinocean_kiel

October 15 – October 20: Sarah Cosgriff (@Sarah_Cosgriff) – Gender Balance Officer for @physicsnews, freelance science communicator and trainer, co-founder of @BrumScicomm, @TEDxDerby speaker

October 22 – October 27: Bethany Downer (@BethanyAstro) – Public communicator for space, Top 35 Under 35 in Space in 2018, Author, and scientist-astronaut candidate

October 29 – November 3: Mauricio Díaz (@MauroIsdrage) – Postdoc researcher @Sciathome @AarhusUni. Media psychologist designing games for citizen science

November 5 – November 10: Sam Athey (@sustainablesam_) – PhD student @UofT studying microplastic pollution, Microfiber Pollution Project blog, Social Media Coordinator for the UofT Trash Team (@UofTTrashTeam)

November 12 – November 17: Sara MacSorley (@smacsorley) – Creator @SuperCoolSci, a book series celebrating women and diversity in STEM through storytelling and coloring (www.supercoolscientists.com)

November 19 – November 24: Kat Robison (@katrobison) – Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science @UofAlabama, @UATideTogether Program Coordinator, @SGAC Recruitment Manager, @talkingspace Panelist, Part Time Poet, & Full Time Human

November 26 – December 1: Catherine Crawford-Brown (@cathcrawfbrown) – Graduate of @Science_Comm, @LaurentianU and former breast cancer researcher. Passionate about accurate communication of health science research

December 3 – December 8: On Break!

December 10 – December 15: On Break!

December 17 – December 22: Michelle Jamieson (@themichjam) – Psychologist @ESRC Adv. Quants PhD-er @UrbanStuGla. Exploring psychosis, health barriers & (un)employment. Keep being told I’m a bit mad (lived experience), amateur true crime sleuth and artist. Runner of www.michellekjamieson.com and @EveryDMHBot

December 24 – December 29: On Break!

December 31 – January 5: On Break!

2019 – Past Curators

January 7 – January 12: Exposure Science Film Hackathon (@ExposureSciFilm) – Scicomm Hackathon events. We produce beautiful films that accurately communicate science to the public.

January 14 – January 19: Lali DeRosier (@labcoatteacher) – K12 Science Teacher at #HTEA, Education expert and general nerd

January 21 – January 26: Jordan Harrod (@jordanbharrod) – PhD Student at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, Organizer for March for Science, Writer at jordanharrod.com

January 28 – February 2: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – co-founder and CEO of @BioRender (previously artist @NatGeo and @HopkinsMed). Advocate for #WomeninSTEM and #SciComm

February 4 – February 9: Beatriz Goulao (@beagoulao) – Research Fellow @aberdeenuni, PhD student in Applied Health Sciences, Ask for Evidence and STEM ambassador

February 11 – February 16: Robin McLachlan (@RobinMcLachlan) – PhD Candidate @UWOcean, Director of @EngageScience Program, Blogger at www.RobinMcLachlan.com

February 18 – February 23: Break!

February 25 – March 2: Gaius Augustus (@GaiusDiviFilius) – PhD Candidate @UofA, Multimedia Science Communicator at gaiusjaugustus.com

March 4 – March 9: Teresa Harris (@dothealth)- Marketing Lead, Dot Health

March 11 – March 16: Yalda Jamshidi (@YaldaJamshidi) – Principal Investigator @StGeorgesUni Advocate for #WomeninSTEM #MinoritySTEM #SciComm and gene-expert genomemed.org

March 18 – March 23: Peter Broks (@peterbroks) – author “Understanding Popular Science”, irregularly blogs at www.literacyofthepresent.wordpress.com

March 25 – March 30: Peter Moore Fuller (@infohackit or @petermf_) – Graphic designer and creative facilitator working with science, health and education. Founder of infohackit, Guest Lecturer in Sci Comms and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator.

April 1 – April 6: Len Fisher (@LenFisherScienc) – Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol UK, freelance science communicator, writer and broadcaster (website www.lenfisherscience.com), Ig Nobel laureate; finalist in the Global Challenges “New Shape” competition; voted by the Times newspaper as an enemy of the people.

April 8 – April 13: Bonnie Posselt (@bonposselt) – Medical officer in the @royalairforce, specialising in Aviation and Space Medicine, currently living in Ohio, USA undertaking a PhD in Helmet Mounted Display Systems, like those used in the latest generation of military aircraft, and human performance in conjunction with @usairforce , @AFResearchLab and @unibirmingham. I was the medical officer for an analogue Mars mission conducted with @oewf in the deserts of Oman in 2018 and I am passionate about space medicine and human space flight.

April 15 – April 20: SPRING BREAK!

April 22 – April 27: Kristen Weiss (@DrKbythebay) – Communications Coordinator @USLTER
Previously, Kristen was an early career fellow in Science Communication at the Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford University, and before that a lecturer in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Southern California where she taught courses focused on ecology, sustainability, and natural resource management. Kristen received her PhD from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, where she studied marine governance using policy network analysis. Her goal is to continue communicating about significant environmental issues and contribute to better conservation and management strategies to protect our threatened ecosystems. In her free time she enjoys adventures with her tiny dog Buttercup–on her stand-up paddle board, at the beach, or in the forest. And taking naps.

April 29 – May 4: Dan Samorodnitsky (@d_samorodnitsky) – Science Editor at Massive Science, former bench scientist

May 6 – May 11: Kate Downey (@wrongwhale) – Cofounder and Creative Director @caveatnyc, former Creative Lead @museumhack, former Shakespeare and opera director/producer with work at @pubictheatreny, New York City Opera and @cherrylntheatre, self-identified space nerd.

May 13 – May 18: Meredith Schmehl (@MeredithSchmehl) – PhD Student in Neurobiology at Duke University, 2018 Nu Rho Psi Member of the Year, Outreach Coordinator at Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Writer at meredithschmehl.com and scipol.org

May 20 – May 25: Sarah Wettstadt (@DrBommel) – postdoc @EEZCSIC, bacteria lover & wannabe science communicator, www.sarahs-world.blog

May 27 – June 1: Kyle Marian (@kylemarian) – is an immigrant Filipina, former scientist, current science communicator who grew up in the most diverse neighborhood of NYC. She uses improv + standup + sketch comedy to explore issues around science, inequity, and representation. She is an ARIS Fellow, Science in Vivo grantee, and Queens Council of the Arts grantee. Kyle Marian is a former NSF GRFP funded researcher, Alda Center and Bright Club Comedy alumna, and founded interdisciplinary The Symposium: Academic StandUp show and workshop series. As a minority, she finds power in comedy to be able to socially critique how academia and the scientific ivory tower unequally builds the knowledge we take for granted. Follow her at @kylemarian on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

June 3 – June 8: Binta Moustapha (@BintaMoustapha) – mobile teacher; tech savvy and digital explorer. Fellow @TechWomen and Mentee @Global Thinkers Forum.

June 10 – June 15: Natalie Ring (@NatalieAnneRing) – PhD student @UniofBath. Pint of Science pub manager for @BathReactions, and wannabe science writer/editor

June 17 – June 22: Vicky Vásquez (@VickyShark FB & IG, @VickySharky Twitter)- studies ‘Lost Sharks’ @MossLandingMarineLabs (MLML) where she also serves as their Social Media Manager; research highlights include the discovery of the Ninja Lanternshark (Etmopterus benchleyi) and being part of  the first research team to ever tag a Goblin Shark (Mitzsukurina oswtoni); science communication experience includes on-camera appearances such as Shark Week’s ‘Alien Sharks’ and ‘Shark After Dark’ series (2017&18), podcast co-host of Ocean Science Radio (@OnlineOceanSymposium), science educator (classroom & fieldtrips), freelance writer (ex. Bay Nature magazine) and public speaker (ex. plenary speaker at NMEA, emcee of IOFF student programs).

June 24 – June 29: Echo Rivera @echoechoR – Trainer and designer who helps academics, scientists and researchers communicate their work more creatively and effectively. Founder of Creative Research Communications at echorivera.com.

July 1 – July 6: Nevena Hristozova (@NevenaHr) – a passionate scicommer, working in food safety by day as a scientific project manager, and doing as much outreach as I can via Scircle.eu and podcasts. Helping researchers find their #scicomm mojo. Science stand-up comedian.

July 8 – July 13: Craig Sinclair (@SincyScience) – Science Engagement & Outreach at National Museums Scotland (@NtlMuseumsScot). Lead coordinator and presenter of the ‘Powering Up’ renewable energy outreach programme.

July 15 – July 20: Sam Langford (@scottishscicomm) – Science Learning Coordinator at Glasgow Science Centre.

July 22 – July 27: Paige Jarreau (@fromthelabbench) – Science Communicator @LifeOmic, Chief Editor of LifeApps.io, #ScientistsWhoSelfie researcher!

July 29 – August 3: Annie Carew (@IAN_UMCES) – IAN (Integration & Application Network) is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. IAN’s mission is to inspire, manage, and produce timely syntheses and assessments on key environmental issues, with a special emphasis on Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. IAN is a network which includes different agencies and institutions in different locations.

August 5 – August 10: Dr. David Shiffman (@WhySharksMatter) is a marine conservation biologist studying sharks and their management. He has used social media to answer thousands of peoples’ questions about sharks, and has trained over 500 scientists to use these tools for public engagement.

August 12 – August 17: Devayani Khare, Science Communication & Outreach Manager @BLiSC_India – the Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster. BLiSC is a unique research cluster comprising of @NCBS_Bangalore, @inStem_India, and @CCAMP_Bangalore. The BLiSC collaboratively works in the fields of fundamental biology, translational research and biotechnology innovation.

August 19 – August 24: Sam Mitchell (@volcano_grad) Ocean and volcano science communicator, running outreach for a research expedition highlighting life of scientists at sea

August 26 – August 31: BREAK!

September 2 – September 7: Eleanor Terrelonge (@JamaicanLabrat) – Molecular Biology PhD Candidate @UwiMona, Director Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council, Actinomagnificent

September 9 – September 14: Ciaran Fairman (@CiaranFairman) – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Edith Cowan University (@ECU). I investigate how exercise can be used to target clinically relevant outcomes in individual with cancer. I also host a podcast (REACH) aimed at disseminating the latest research from the field of exercise oncology to a broader audience.

September 16 – September 21: Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez (@1cRebeca) – Researcher @Uppsala University, member of the ATLAS collaboration

September 23 – September 28: Keighley Reisenauer (@ScienceKeighley) – PhD Candidate @Baylor, Co-Founder Present Your PhD (@presentyourphd), Advocate for graduate student-empowered science communication training and scicomm-centered community building

September 30 – October 5: Niki Rust (@NikiRust) –  Dr. Niki Rust is an environmental social scientist at @UniofNewcastle, a freelance journalist and a strategic communications adviser for the @LucHoffmannInst. She provides advice to academics and NGOs who want to increase the impact of their research. Previously, she was the wildlife media spokesperson at @WWF_UK and has undertaken dozens of TV, radio and print interviews (bylines @BBC, @Guardian, @NewScientist) to spread awareness about biodiversity conservation issues. In academia, she works at the science-policy interface and has over a decade of experience engaging with policymakers to improve evidence-informed policy.

October 7 – October 12: Hoda Kardooni (@InScitific) – Former postdoc @ImperialCollege London https://twitter.com/CurrSciand Nutrigenomics Consultant, Hoda is super passionate about making science more accessible and fun, so people can utilize it in their everyday life to be healthier. Her goal is to encourage the public to see health and longevity through the lens of science and avoid confusing myths and wrong info. Hoda is also studying the interlink between genetics, epigenetics and nutrition, and how lifestyle factors including diet and exercise can influence health.

October 14 – October 19: Alex Martin (@SidewalkSciGuy) – Founder @ExpDalScience, Program Manager & Lead Educator of Sidewalk Science Center, Futuristic Science-fiction Author, www.ExperienceDaliona.com

October 21 – October 26: Paul Knoepfler (@pknoepfler) – Professor @UCDAVIS, blogger at The Niche (ipscell.com)

October 28 – November 2: Four chemistry graduate students and their instructor during a week of “Science Communications in Practice” at George Washington University.

Monday, October 28: Darcy Gentleman (@drdarsci) – Presentations Coach, also Adjunct Professor at George Washington University teaching Science Communications; opinions my own do not reflect the views of George Washington University

Tuesday, October 29: Gessica Vasconcelos (@gessica_gwu) – PhD Candidate in Chemistry at George Washington University; opinions my own do not reflect the views of George Washington University.

Wednesday, October 30: Ben Walusiak (@BenWalusiak) – Graduate student in the Chemistry The George Washington University.  I am studying lanthanide and actinide based materials using X-Ray crystallography; opinions my own do not reflect the views of George Washington University

Thursday, October 31: Dominique Brager (@BragerDominique) – First year PhD student in Chemistry at the George Washington University; opinions my own do not reflect the views of George Washington University

Friday, November 1: Ashley Frankenfield(@FrankenSci) – First year PhD student in Chemistry at the George Washington University; opinions my own do not reflect the views of George Washington University

November 4 – November 9: Rebecca Heisman (@r_heisman) – Communications Specialist @AmOrnith, writer, speaker

November 11 – November 16: Kirstin Leslie  (@KirstinLeslie1) – Public Health PhD student at @UofGlasgow and the submissions editor for @GlasgowGist. Kirstin has been involved with science journalism since 2017, and in 2019 was named as the ABSW’s student science journalist of the year. Her PhD research is uses prescription data from across Scotland to study medication use for cardiovascular disease.

November 18 – November 23: Dr. Ken Dutton-Regester (@the_funkydr) – Active cancer researcher and founder and director of Excite Science. We’re creating portable, engaging exhibits that help organizations with their outreach, education and fundraising. We’ve created a cancer biology themed escape room and we’re now working on a virtual reality game.

November 25 – November 30: BREAK!

December 2 – December 7: Adam Burke (@atomburke1) – Communications specialist, writer, editor, and podcast host for @ACTNext Navigator, Curator #FYBF (Feed Your Brain Friday)

December 9 – December 14: Jake Krauss (Twitter: @JakeKrauss1, IG:@Jake.Krauss) – Outdoor Educator @AmericanJewishUniversity, JENE Fellow, Writer at The Conversation and Kraussingtheworld.wordpress.com. Jake is a conservation biologist and science communicator passionate about the protection of endangered species. He is particularly interested in reintroduction biology, or the study of bringing back endangered species from the brink of extinction via translocation of animals to their historic ranges. He has also worked as a tropical biologist on conservation projects in Ecuador, Peru, and Madagascar. Jake is also a fervent science communicator, working on a science-themed podcast on Eastside 89.7 FM as a presenter and also produced several films for outreach on his conservation work.

December 16 – December 21: Jennifer Tsang (@jw_tsang) – Science Communications and Marketing Coordinator @Addgene, Writer at The Microbial Menagerie, @ASMicrobiology, @MBLScience

December 23 – December 28: Dr. Jaimini Sarkar (@jaiminisarkar) – Dr. Jaimini Sarkar is Ph.D in Sciences from Mumbai University, India. She has done Post graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India. She received prestigious S. Ramaseshan science writing fellowship at Current Science at Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. She feels extremely privileged to take her science journalism skills to next level when mentored under the guidence of Prof. P. Balaram, IISc, Bangalore. She regularly contributes to Current Science (@CurrSci), British Medical Journal, Srote, Down to Earth (@down2earthindia), and Science Reporter. She works as a ghost writer (outsourced work) for few International NGOs, media houses and corporates. Her work is also translated in national language of India, Hindi.

December 30 – January 5: BREAK!


January 20 – January 25: Sarah Olson (@ReadMoreScience) – Science writer & book reviewer, microbiology major @OregonState.

January 27 – February 1: Caitlyn Cardetti (@CaitlynCardetti) – PhD Candidate @SBUPharm, 2019-2020 President for @SBU_GWiSE, TA for Intro to STEM Policy, admin for the #rocur @Neurotweeps.

February 3 – February 8: Alexis Willett, PhD (@dralexiswillett) – Science communication professional. Author of popsci books. Owner: @tangelohouse & Punch Consulting. I write, consult & train. PhD in biomedical science.

February 10 – February 15: Ronja Schrimpf (@SchimpfSchrimpf) – Masters student of science communication @WMKStudium @KITKarlsruhe, freelance journalist and freelance scientific editor.

February 17 – February 22: Alexia (@MissNeutrino) – teacher of physics to teenagers; physicist with a love of neutrinos; and creative who loves poetry, and doodling about science pedagogy.

March 2 – March 7: Nathan Schreiber (@science_ninjas) – game designer, cartoonist.

March 9 – March 14: Kika Tuff (@impactmedialab) – Founder + Creative Director ImpactMediaLab, Full-time #SciCommer flailing, learning, and thriving in the #entrepreneur space. Check out their work!

March 16 – March 21: Zen Faulkes (@DoctorZen) is a professor of biology at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is best known for the Better Posters blog, which has been running for over a decade. He also blogs at NeuroDojo, curates the Marmorkrebs.org, and conducts research on crustaceans.

March 23 – March 28: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – co-founder and CEO of @BioRender (previously artist @NatGeo and @HopkinsMed). Advocate for #WomeninSTEM and #SciComm.

March 30 – April 4: Samantha Fowler (@fowlersamanthaa) – Student @LaurentianU studying #scicomm with @LUSciComm, researching the effect of science center exhibits on #vaccine hesitancy.

April 6 – April 11: Jens Foell (@fMRI_guy) – Associate in Research at @floridastate, Co-Mod of @realscientists, Founder and Co-Mod of @realsci_DE, @TEDx speaker.

April 20 – April 25: Kyle D. Evans (@kyledevans) – Maths singer/comedian/entertainer, director of Maths & Comp Sci @bartonpeveril sixth form college.

April 27 – May 2: Artash (13 y/o), Arushi (10 y/o), and Vikas Nath (Dad) (@wonrobot) – Maker Family interested in Space, Rockets, Machine Learning. Forever curious.

May 4 – May 9: Jonathan Schwabish (@jschwabish) – I am an economist at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. In addition to my research on programs that support low-income communities, I am a writer, teacher, and creator of policy-relevant data visualizations and am considered a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in how researchers communicate their analyses. I help nonprofits, research institutions, and governments at all levels improve how they communicate their work and findings to their partners, constituents, and citizens.

May 11 – May 16: Dan Cleather (@dr_jump_uk) – Associate Professor @YourStMarys, Strength Coach, Educator and Anarchist. Author of geni.us/Subvert – A philosophical guide for the 21st century scientist.

May 18 – May 23: Conner Philson (@ConnerPhilson), Ph.D. Student at @UCLA, field biologist and behavioral ecologist, Government Relations Officer for The Science Policy Group at UCLA (@SciPolUCLA).

June 8 – June 13: Pallavi Pant (@pallavipnt) – I am an air quality scientist and I’m passionate about improving access to science. Founder @airqualityindia; co-founder @airsouthasia; social media editor for @JExpSciEnvEpi; founder @waqsouthasia.

June 15 – June 20: Helena Hartmann (@helenahhartmann) – Psychologist doing her PhD at the University of Vienna (@univienna) in the domain of social neuroscience, working on the underlying neural mechanisms of empathy for other people’s pain, worked on Autism Spectrum Disorder during her Masters and is a great open science enthusiast!

June 23 – June 28: Kolisa Yola Sinyanya (@Kolie_Yola) – PhD candidate @uct_news, my website: www.womeninsciencehub.com

July 6 – July 11: Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo), folklorist and PhD candidate in astrophysics @Columbia, host of Exolore podcast, passionate about helping people incorporate more science into their everyday lives.

July 20 – July 25: Kasha Patel (@KashaPatel) – science writer at NASA, founder of @DCScienceComedy, joke writer. My goal is to bring science to the masses through comedy. Stand-up comic by night / science writer at NASA by day / podcaster, video producer, tried Tik Tok once.

July 27 – August 1: I’m Joe Ballenger (@Stylopidae), a PhD student at the University of Wyoming (@UWyonews). I write for Ask an Entomologist (@BugQuestions), and play D&D for Nature Check (@CheckNature). Let’s talk about bugs, plants, questions, and games!

August 3 – August 8: Dr. Daniel Yon (@danieljamesyon) – Psychologist and Neuroscientist. Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

August 10 – August 15: Ariana Eily (@ari_eily) – Biology Faculty @NCSSM, Curator/Founder Art of a Scientist exhibit, STEAMbassador @DukeU, Does Improv for Scicomm, Inclusive Pedagogy to support diversity & equity in the classroom.

August 17 – August 22: Mary McMillan (@accidental_sci) – Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science @UniNewEngland; studying science communication; science writer; draws science terribly over at @badlydrawnsci.

August 31 – September 5: Nastia Bendebury and Shilo DeLay (@demystifysci) – Nastia and Shilo are two Columbia-trained PhDs that specialize in helping scientists, philosophers, and engineers share the why behind their work through interviews, long-form discussions, and interdisciplinary roundtables. We write for @Nautilus, @Quillete, @Astronomy, and Demystifying Science.

September 7 – September 12:Linda Corcoran (@LindaCCor) – @Teagasc Walsh Scholar in Food Science at University College Cork, Founder & Curator at What is that Ingredient (@whatsthatingred). Part of the @PhDBalance social media team, volunteer at @DragonflyMentalHealth & moderator and blog editor for @DisabledAcademicCollective!

September 14 – September 19: Joseph Zeppa (@JosephZeppa) – Science Consultant @BioRender, Former Infectious Disease Researcher @PittTweet (PostDoc) @WesternU (Ph.D.), Passionate about Visual Science Communication!

September 28 – October 3: Meenakshi Prabhune (@minu_pr) – Science writer and communicator, passionate about education. Editor-in-Chief of the Bench Blog and Scientific Marketer @Synthego. Former freelance science journalist. Personal blog: www.backpackfullofquestions.com

October 5 – October 10: Emily Coren (@EmilyCoren) – Science Communication, Entertainment-education, informal and narrative media for climate communication. https://www.springerprofessional.de/en/solutions-stories-an-innovative-strategy-for-managing-negative-p/17711296

October 12 – October 17: Shane M Hanlon, PhD (@EcologyofShane) & Olivia V Ambrogio, PhD (@Squidfan) – Science communication trainers with AGU’s Sharing Science program (@AGU_SciComm).

October 19 – October 24: Kylie Ahern (@kylieahern) – CEO @STEM_Matters, Publisher of The Brilliant and Co-founder of COSMOS Magazine. An award-winning science publisher, Kylie has created popular science and environment magazine and along the way has lifted the profile of thousands of scientists.

October 26 – October 31: Chris Jackson (@Chwistofu) – PhD Candidate @UCBerkeley, president @UCB_SciPolicy, volunteer @ESAL_us, passionate about bringing diverse perspectives into #SciPol.

November 2 – November 7: Alexia Youknovsky (@AlexiaComm) – founder of @AgentMajeur, science communication agency. Co-author of the book “SELL YOUR RESEARCH – Public speaking for scientists” (Springer Nature).

November 9 – November 14: Alejandra Enriquez (@aenriscientist) – marine biologist and Knauss finalist, Freelance writer, poet, and artist (@Marinebioartist).

November 16 – November 21: Dr. Juniper L. Simonis (they/them, @juniperlsimonis) – Founder & Lead Scientist @DAPPERStats, Leadership Team @500womensci, 4-time @WFTDA World Champion @RCRAllStars / @RoseCityRollers.

November 23 – November 28: Sheeva Azma (@FancyComma) – Lead Researcher and Writer at Fancy Comma, LLC (www.fancycomma.com).

December 7 – December 12: Adriana Bankston (@AdrianaBankston) – Legislative analyst @UofCalifornia; Co-Director, Policy TaskForce @FORsymp; Chief Outreach Officer @scipoljournal; #Workforce Dev @STEMAdvocacy; Former Policy & Advocacy Fellow @SfNtweets. Passionate about empowering #ECRs in #scipol #advocacy #highered. Website: https://adrianabankston.com/

December 14 – December 19: Nidhi Parekh (@TheSharedScope) – Lead Science Writer/Researcher at The Shared Microscope


January 25 – January 30: Jack Chan (@jack_chan15) – PhD Candidate, cancer immunologist, video editor and producer @PeterMacCC.

February 1 – February 6: Brooke Dulka (@IsRewriting) – Postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience, Freelance writer and editor, Organizer @ComSciConSciWri.

February 15 – February 20: Anne Chisa (@Annelinda_C) – PhD Candidate in Agricultural Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal @UKZN, founder and host of The Root Of The Science Podcasts @RootofSciPod

February 22 – February 27: Jon Schwabish (@jschwabish) – Senior Fellow @urbaninstitute; founder @policyviz; host of the #PolicyVizPodcast; author Better Presentations, Elevate the Debate, and Better Data Visualizations.

March 1 – March 6: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – Co-founder & CEO @BioRender. @HopkinsMedicine, @NatGeo, @YCombinator alum. #SciComm #Vaccines #WomenInSTEM #DiversityInSTEM Advocate.

March 8 – March 13: Martín Perez Comisso (@mapc) – Chilean Ph.D. Student @HSD_at_ASU. Publicly Engaging with technologies.

March 15 – March 20: Sofia Valanci (@dravalanci) – PhD candidate in surgical education @McGillU, surgeon, medical writer and editor.

March 29 – April 3: Poornima Peiris (@StemCorps) – Engineer interested in all things STEM related, Masters student in bioengineering and nanotechnology @Harvard, science writer, help manage the 1.8k @TheSciCommunity. I love engaging with scientists globally and reading up on scientific innovations everyday.

April 5 – April 10: Sheeva Azma (@FancyComma) – Freelance Science Writer and Founder of @FancyComma (www.fancycomma.com)

May 10 – May 15: Christin Godale (@christingodale) – Ph.D. Candidate @uofcincy, @SfNTweets Policy Fellow, Basic Epilepsy Researcher, Person with Epilepsy.

June 7 – June 12: Zen Faulkes (@DoctorZen) – Instructor @McMasterU, author of Better Posters blog and book.

June 21 – June 26: Angeline Dukes (@FutureDrDukes) – PhD Candidate @UCIrvine, Founder and President of @BlackInNeuro, daughter of immigrants, first-generation college graduate, proud HBCU grad from @Fisk1866.

July 5 – July 10: Em Dixon (@notsoscify) –  #QueerInSciComm – #SciComm-er & Public Engagement Professional working with schools @engageWCS. Often found on Twitter, also found at emdoesscicomm.wordpress.com.

July 12 – July 17: Dr. Krishana Sankar (@KrishanaSankar) – award winning & published researcher, PhD @UoT, science communicator combatting misinformation around #COVID19,  Science Advisor for @ScienceUpFirst

July 19 – July 24: Franziska Sattler (@ohyeahfranzi) – Berlin-based #scicommer at @wisskommkaffee, @berlin_soapbox & @ScienceBorealis

August 2 – August 7: Mesa Schumacher (@mesabree) – Science visualization specialist and owner of Mesa Studios, www.mesaschumacher.com, contributor to National Geographic @NatGeo

August 16 – August 21:  Ahmed Taha (@astroahmedtaha) – Science in the City @SciCityMalta, Intern at University of Malta, Scicommer at Science in the City

September 6 – September 11: Jazmin “Sunny” Murphy (@highscicomm) – Science Communicator and Reporter, Black Flower Writing Services

September 13 – September 18: Dr. Claudia Antolini (@CA_AstroComm) – Astronomer, science communicator, EDI advocate

September 20 – September 25: Bethany Downer (@bethanyastro) – Chief Communications Officer for the Hubble Space Telescope (@Hubble_Space) for the European Space Agency, bringing space to the general public, from NL Canada

September 27 – October 2: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – Co-founder & CEO @BioRender. Medical illustrator, avid painter, @HopkinsMedicine, @NatGeo, @YCombinator alum. #Vaccines #WomenInSTEM advocate

October 4 – October 9: Dr. Lisa Buckley (@lisavipes) – Independent Paleontologist and Ichnologist, #BirdGlamour creator, coordinator of #NameThatTrack, newly graduated Medical Transcriptionist

October 11 – October 16: Phil Jemmett (@philjemmett) – Outreach Project Officer @WMGwarwick (@warwickuni). Taking the engineering content that is bursting out of our buildings and presenting it to young people in schools and the wider public to support everyone and provide everyone with the confidence and opportunity to pursue STEM careers in the future.

Other people involved with this idea: Alex Holmes (@aomholmes), Laura ‘Nifty’ Evans (@evansnifty), Duncan Yellowlees (@d_yellowlees)

October 25 – October 30: Amy Barrett (@amybarrett31) is a disabled science journalist currently writing for BBC Science Focus magazine. She writes news and features, and also contributes to the podcast.

November – On Break!

December – Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

I Am SciComm Schedule: Upcoming Curators


March 14 – March 19: We are four Biomedical Engineering @KingsCollegeLon masters students completing a Public Engagement activity. Opinions are our own and do not reflect the views of King’s College London.

Monday, March 14th: Honglei Wu is interested in medical robotics and surgical interventional technologies. He has an undergraduate degree in Clinical Engineering Technologies from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is currently a Master’s student at King’s College London in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging.

Tuesday, March 15th and Wednesday, March 16th: Jiawei Zhu is interested in machine learning and Ultrasound imaging. He has an undergraduate degree in Optical Engineering from the China Jiliang University (@CJLU_China). Now he is a Master’s student @KingsCollegeLon in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging.

Thursday, March 17th: Ke Wen is particularly interested in MRI technology and AI’s application in medical imaging. She has an undergraduate degree in Physics @UniofBath and a Master’s degree in Applied Computational Science and Engineering @ImperialCollege. She is currently a Master’s student @KingsImaging and a 1st-year student of the Smart Medical Imaging CDT.

Friday, March 18th and Saturday, March 19th: Yaqing Luo is interested in combining AI with medical imaging in her research. She graduated @LSEnews for both undergraduate and postgraduate, in Mathematics. She is currently a First-Year PhD student at the Smart Medical Imaging CDT and a Master’s student @KingsImaging.

We are supported by Dom McDonald (@TheOxfordDom), who is helping to co-ordinate the Public Engagement module.

April 4 – April 16: Shiz Aoki (@ShizAoki) – Co-founder & CEO @BioRender. @HopkinsMedicine, @NatGeo, @YCombinator alum. #SciComm #Vaccines #WomenInSTEM #DiversityInSTEM Advocate.

April 18 – April 23: Dagmar der Weduwen (@DJWeduwen) – PhD student @UnivofStAndrews, host of @Science & Sorcery, Definitions with Dagmar, and the Smart Fish Series.

April 25 – April 30: Bridgette McAllister (@McAllisterBri) – previous undergraduate researcher in Alemán lab @uoregon, current software engineer, current artist using Blender, Procreate, and Adobe products for #scicomm.

May 2 – May 7: ON BREAK!

May 9 – May 14: Laura Guertin (@guertin) – Professor at @PSUBrandywine, Blogger for AGU (GeoEd Trek), currently at sea on JOIDES Resolution (@TheJR).

May 16 – May 21: ON BREAK!

May 23 – May 28: ON BREAK!

May 30 – June 4: Matt Carter (@__Matt_Carter__) – Associate Professor of Biology at @WilliamsCollege, Author of Designing Science Presentations.

June 6 – June 11: Dr. David Shiffman is an interdisciplinary marine conservation biologist based in Washington, DC. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @WhySharksMatter, where he’s always happy to answer any questions anyone has about sharks. His new book Why Sharks Matter: A Deep Dive with the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator is out now!

June 13 – June 18: Melisa Morales (@NuriaMelisaMor1) – Science Graphic Designer (www.sciencegraphicdesign.com) and Senior Illustrator @designsthatcell, Palaeontologist @BristolPalaeo.

June 20 – June 25: Dr. @AckermansNicole (she/her) – postdoctoral fellow of the @SNF_ch at @IcahnMountSinai, science communicator for @DTNSshow, and bone nerd.

June 27 – July 2: Artash (16 years) and Arushi (12 years) (@wonrobot) are youth citizen scientists and explorers. They have built robots, battlebots, rockets, and rovers, and have been exploring the world (space, oceans, and land) using the power of open data and technology. They believe in using technology for the global good to solve ongoing and emerging challenges. Together they have participated in over 60 hackathons and won many national and international awards.

July 4 – July 9: ON BREAK!

July 11 – July 16: ON BREAK!

July 18 – July 23: Luca Galante (@luca_cloud) – Product @humanitec_com, Host @platformcon.com, Writer @platformengineering.org

July 25 – July 30: ON BREAK!

August 1 – August 6: ON BREAK!

August 8 – August 13: Duncan Yellowlees (@d_yellowlees) – Founder DY training, Founder COMMUnity @commpowermeant

August 15 – August 20: Sebastiaan Bol / Cowboy Cat Ranch (@cowboycatranch) – Founder and senior research scientist @ Cowboy Cat Ranch, senior research scientist and laboratory manager @BunnikLab @ UT Health Science Center @UTHealthSA at San Antonio, TX

August 22 – August 27: ON BREAK!

August 29 – September 3: Alex Dainis (@alexdainis) – Geneticist and Science Communicator, Co-Host @ACSReactions

September 5 – September 10: ON BREAK!

September 12 – September 17: Mars Buttfield-Addison (@TheMartianLife) – Radio Telescope Programmer and PhD Candidate @UTAS_ and @CSIRO, Author @OReillyMedia, Conf. Organiser @AUC_ANZ, Freelance Developer and Tech Consultant at https://themartianlife.com

September 19 – September 24: ON BREAK!

September 26 – October 1: Arthur Charpentier (@freakonometrics) – Full professor @sciencesUQAM, academic blogger @hypothesesorg (https://freakonometrics.hypotheses.org/)

October 3 – October 8: ON BREAK!

October 17 – October 22: Matthew Betts (@MTJBetts) – Neuroscientist, Principal Investigator at the University of Magdeburg and science communicator interested in entrepreneurship.

October 24 – October 29: Jayme Dyer, PhD (@YouTooBio) – Adjunct Instructor at Durham Technical Community College, YouTuber, Freelance Science Communication Consultant

October 31 – November 5: Albert Rapp (@rappa753) – Math PhD student at Ulm University, Enthusiast of Dataviz, R and Shiny. Teaching what I learn on my blog.

November 7 – November 12: ON BREAK!

November 14 – November 19: Franz Anthony (@franzanth) – Freelance scientific illustrator focusing on invertebrates and other under-appreciated organisms

November 21 – November 26

November 28 – December 3

December 5 – December 10: [Ross Piper]

December 12 – December 17

December 19 – December 24

December 26 – December 31

Community-Created Resources

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