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Science & Subcultures – it’s all about commitment!

What exactly is a subculture? To be frank, we don’t really know; it’s that kind of word you understand and know how to use in a concrete way, but as soon as you try to define it, it dissolves into thin air.

Back when the world had a clearer hierarchy regarding lifestyles and cultural expressions, things where easier to categorize. High culture was taking place in the salons, museums, and concert halls, whereas subcultures were exerted in the basements and condemned buildings. But we’re not living in that world anymore, so we need another kind of definition. Until a clever person comes up with it, let’s say a subculture is a passion which takes you from the main road, to paths less trodden.

So, what could that be? Things that have emerged during the brainstorms of the Crastina Crew are extreme types of music, intense sports which are more about lifestyle than performance, art genres that challenge conventional formats and, of course, certain types of popular culture where the enthusiasts make it a way of life.

Wait! “Way of life” – there we have it, that what’s it all about, no matter if it’s heavy metal, surfing, skateboarding, tattoo art, history reenactments, or cosplay! Thinking about it: perhaps science could also be defined as a subculture?

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Olle B.

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