Sharing an experience we all can relate to – our childhood

Can we really relate to a general adult audience? That’s the million dollar question for all SciCommers. The team behind Frontiers for Young Minds chooses a unique approach: they tackle the hurdles of understanding by engaging kids as reviewers. This…

Sci Foo: intense intellectual, interdisciplinary interaction for influencers

Science Foo Camp is the Holy Grail of yearly scientific conferences – inspiring, enlightening, a bit mysterious and only for the chosen few. Every August, 250 scientists, influencers, and thought leaders are especially invited to the Google…

Catherine Allin: "Science and Music Are the Same Aspect of You Coming Out in Different Ways"

According to Catherine Allin, an astrophysicist from London, UK, being creative and open-minded are qualities that make up both successful scientists and musicians: " I think the things that make me good at music, probably also make me good…

The song of plankton - “visualizing” big data as music

Is there a melody in a lake? How about a song in plankton diversity? Swiss biologist and musician Simone Fontana transformed a plankton dataset from Lake Greifensee into intriguing musical imagery –  with different instruments assigned to…

Lina Eklund: “Many conferences don’t offer time for informal interaction.”

Think about your last academic conference. Can you honestly say that it was worth all the trouble, time and money? Lina Eklund, physical geographer from Lund university, takes a critical look at a meeting culture in strong need of new ideas. The…

Crastina – the new wave of communicators of science

Crastina is a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and inspiration regarding both scientific peer-to-peer communication and science dissemination

  • What? An international network of (mostly young) people who love to communicate science & tech.
  • Why? We think science needs to be communicated with more passion and professionalism.
  • Where? On our website with interviews & resources + on social media + on Skype and IRL.
  • Who? A content group (the Crew), a think tank (the Academy), + lots of friends & contacts.
  • When? Right now – as a matter of fact, we’ve just geared up.