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Science & Poetry

Keats wrote that science would only ‘unweave a rainbow’ and ‘clip an angel’s wings’ but if one thinks about it, in revealing how things work (for example, a rainbow), doesn’t Science give us more to ponder upon and be in awe of? And what better way to manifest this awe and astonishment than through poetry?

Both Poetry and Science depend heavily on metaphor and comparisons, and every day, Science gives poetry more and more opportunity to create well-informed verses; verses that could beautify science and explain to the world that science is not all complicated words and laboratory work.

Indulge into a world where Science and Poetry converge and flourish in our new theme “Science and Poetry”. We have a column by Mala Radhakrishnan, associate professor of Critical Thought and Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wellesley College, a piece I crafted about the amalgamation of these two fields and several outsourced articles on the same! Stay tuned for interviews too!

For The Crastina Crew

Ushashi Basu, Junior Editor

Mala: “Put back the ‘I’ in science – a poetical plea”

A Crastina Column by Mala Radhakrishnan, the Whitehead Associate Professor of Critical Thought and an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wellesley College as well as the author of two books of chemistry poetry: Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances and Thinking, Periodically.

“But today I’m championing another reason why scientists should embrace poetry:  While, as I usually argue, poetry can help bring science to humanity, it can also – perhaps more importantly — bring humanity to scientists. ”

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