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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Everyone knows that sentence, the idea of using a single image to explain or represent a concept has been used in advertisement for decades. Infographic is the art of attracting and informing a broad audience with a single image. In Science, the general use of infographics goes into poster making. For those who had to make scientific posters, instinctive rules applied: not much text, not too many different colours and most importantly: NO COMIC SANS MS!!! … Well, these rules allow you to increase the impact of your message by making it catchy, yet easy to remember.
In these times of global world pandemic, a variety of excellent infographics explaining the propagation of the virus, the importance of social distancing and the well-known “flatten the curve” (+1 for the kitten version) has been shared around the world because they were understandable for everyone and conveying important information.
Many tools are at your disposal to attain maximum visibility, and it’s what we want to share with you with this theme on infographics! With everybody (non-essential) at home. Today is the best time to use all the tools at your disposition to share Science with the world!

Stay tuned for interviews, reflections and opinions!

For The Crastina Crew

Lauriane Nallet Khosrofian, Junior Editor

Crastina Content