India STEM Foundation - The First of Its Kind, connecting young minds around the world

The India STEM Foundation was born in a journey to bridge the gap of scientific skills between students in India and those in technologically advanced countries. At the root of this organization is Sudhanshu Sharma, a visionary determined to…

Meet Sarang Park – manager of @IAmSciComm

Here at Crastina, we're very proud to be hosting one of the most influential channels in the #SciComm world: the @IAmSciComm rotating Twitter account. We checked in with the account manager, Sarang Park, to see how she is doing. Founded by…

Sharing an experience we all can relate to – our childhood

Can we really relate to a general adult audience? That’s the million dollar question for all SciCommers. The team behind Frontiers for Young Minds chooses a unique approach: they tackle the hurdles of understanding by engaging kids as reviewers. This…

Sci Foo: intense intellectual, interdisciplinary interaction for influencers

Science Foo Camp is the Holy Grail of yearly scientific conferences – inspiring, enlightening, a bit mysterious and only for the chosen few. Every August, 250 scientists, influencers, and thought leaders are especially invited to the Google…

Catherine Allin: "Science and Music Are the Same Aspect of You Coming Out in Different Ways"

According to Catherine Allin, an astrophysicist from London, UK, being creative and open-minded are qualities that make up both successful scientists and musicians: " I think the things that make me good at music, probably also make me good…

Crastina – the new wave of communicators of science

Crastina is a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and inspiration regarding both scientific peer-to-peer communication and science dissemination

  • What? An international network of (mostly young) people who love to communicate science & tech.
  • Why? We think science needs to be communicated with more passion and professionalism.
  • Where? On our website with interviews & resources + on social media + on Skype and IRL.
  • Who? A content group (the Crew), a think tank (the Academy), + lots of friends & contacts.
  • When? Right now – as a matter of fact, we’ve just geared up.