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Half of the storytelling ability is sound.

– Joe Herrington

Cinema has long known that sound is crucial to telling a good story. Even Joe Herrington, not a film maker but a media designer for Disney’s theme parks, could recognise that sound (not just music) does half the storytelling. But what about science stories? What about the new and wonderful discoveries that are produced every day in labs all over the world – how can sound help tell those stories?
When thinking of the overlap between ‘Science and Sound’, Crastina’s theme for the next nine weeks, our minds may quickly take us to a number of music projects used for science communication. This is a dimension of this intersection that we have explored before and will explore again in this theme, but we are going beyond that, to discover other sounds. Voices, in the form of podcasts or spoken word, audio representations of data, musical responses to research, and how identity plays into musical communication of science – all these ideas and more sparked in our minds when thinking of ‘Science and Sound’, and we cannot wait to share them with you.
For the next few weeks, Crastina will showcase how sound is and can be used for scientific storytelling. There are plenty of interesting stories, interviews and reflections lined up; we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Stay tuned for interviews, reflections and opinions!

For The Crastina Crew

Natércia das Neves Rodrigues Lopes, Writer

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