A Structured Scientific Talk (as suggested by Matt Carter)

The PowerPoint template below is an outline of a Structured Scientific Talk of about 10–30 minutes. It is based on chapter 16 in the book Designing Science Presentations by Matt Carter, Assistant Professor of Biology at Williams College, USA.

Download this template here: Scitalk_Template [.ppt; 16 MB]

The Poster Site is the basis for the classic Karolinska Institutet poster guide by Carter & Nilsson. In my opinion, this is the most clear and concise description on how to make a research poster.

Quicklinks: Tips for a readable poster (pdf in English) / Tips för en läsbarPoster (pdf in Swedish).


The intention with these 5 TIPS articles is to share some core experience and selected knowledge. Please also note that these brief texts are very closely connected to the handbook project I am running (stay tuned!).

#1: 5 TIPS on how to find a way into the media

#2: 5 TIPS on how to succeed as a fact-seeking interviewer

Other guides

The quick (and interesting) blog post protocol

A four step approach to get from stuck blogger without a post to proud blogger with a new and shiny post in as little as 20 minutes. By Olle Bergman.

Boarding Card for (nervous) speakers

This card has two sides: one with checklists for your preparations and one with things you should remind yourself about just before you enter the stage – like a last minute pep talk. (Beta version – please feel free to suggest improvements.) By Olle Bergman.


3 tips to improve your networking skills

Some advice from an international student. Networking is not purely based on your charisma. First and foremost, networking is a skill and you can learn it. By Nikola Adamus.


Clear and to the point

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Feeling lost? Perhaps some of these guides can help you.