Feeling stuck as a blogger? Here is a really simple and effective way of producing some interesting content in a snap.

1. Spot some interesting stuff

It isn’t hard if you use social media: just look around in your channels. If that doesn’t help, just google using some keywords that interest you and you will surely find some current contents which deserve your and your reader’s attention.

2. Analyze, reflect and find associations and connotations

Imagine that the article at hand is the material provided for a seminar in school. How can you contribute to a group discussion, intrigue your classmates and impress your teacher? Go crazy with your brilliant mind, broad knowledge and weird imagination.

3A. Bring it all together

You are now ready for the simplest kind of refined editiorial material—something that I call ‘an extended tweet’. Just point to the link and tell us—based from step 2. above—why it is interesting. Some humor is always useful to make it more interesting.

3B. Extend your ambitions

If you want more readers, you have to put in a little more effort, adding

  • links
  • text quotes
  • visual material
  • an interview.

The first two are obvious, the third is very effective if you have the talent or are patient enough to prepare something. The fourth is much easier than you think; almost anyone who wants tho have a solid web presence will gladly reply to some clever questions sent by mail. There is actually no reason to be shy!

4. Edit and publish

When you edit, cut away the flab and make sure that you use the filets of your material. Apply the inverted pyramid technique, and make sure that the most important messages of the text are summarised at the beginning of the post.


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