Writing grant applications

Research Funding Toolkit

Website with tips and instructions on how to write better research grant applications – the online sibling of a book.

Ph.D. Career

barry_ccCurator: Barry O’Brien is a job search optimiser, specialized in helping PhD students to get in to, and survive in, the modern corporate world by the use of e.g. Personal Branding and Social Media. PhD Career Link.

Photo or not on your CV – the complete guide

A Crastina tutorial.

Science Careers (AAAS)

A “science” job board where you can upload your CV.


This online resume builder offers great scientific resume templates.

Resume Target

An example of a nicely written profile from this Canadian career advisor and resume writing resource.

Career Director

Well-structured documents from these US career coaches and resume writers.


Scientific Crowdfunding

Curator: Christina Makarona, visual thinker and problem with a passion for helping people understand.

A guide to scientific crowdfunding

Useful tips for setting up a crowdfunding campaign discussing recent data (2016).

Scifund Challenge

A platform supporting scientists for both crowdfunding and scientific communication to the public.


The most widely used crowdfunding platform dedicated to scientific research.


Offers a comprehensive list for research-oriented crowdfunding portals, organised by research are and funding model.

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