Science dissemination & #SciComm

General Science Communication

SCICOMM-25-300x280The SCICOMM 25 by Kirk Englehardt
Each week, Kirk Englehardt from Georgia Tech pulls together the week’s 25 most talked about science communication stories. A perfect compilation for busy science communicators who want to stay on top.


Communication Tool Kits & handbooks

AocSqSW-Curator: Olle Bergman, communications consultant, lecturer and writer with a passion for science, history and people. Personal webpage.

Skärmavbild 2015-11-16 kl. 10.02.56Global Mental Health Communications Toolkit [CH/UK]
A toolkit to help global mental health researchers communicate their findings to their stakeholders: package their key messages, plan their communications methods and activities, and to produce impact summaries, blogs, infographics and policy briefs.

WOW handbook for researchers [BE]
”The tools to find your wow factor”. For researchers involved in international projects with practical communication tips, expert insights and inspiring cases.

Handbook of public communication of science and technology [IT]
PDF book. Overview of the ”public communication of science and tech” area from both  research and practical perspectives.

Science Communication Toolbox [SE]
A toolbox to provide inspiration and ideas for a variety of activities to communicate research. Developed by VA (Public & Science) with funding from the Swedish Research Council and the European Commission.



Eloquent Science
By David M. Schultz, Professor of Synoptic Meteorology at University of Manchester and author of the handbook Eloquent Science.

It’s Okay To Be Smart
By Joe Hanson, Ph.D. biologist and host of It’s Okay To Be Smart (se below). ”There’s a lot of amazing science out there. Let’s go discover it together.”

Talking Science


Science & tech Education for Children

Andrea Pettersson
Curator: Andrea Pettersson, social entrepeneur Lund, Sweden.

Steve Spangler Science – making science fun
Get inspired by the craziest science teacher ever: Steve Spangler. Especially check out his experiments and experience The Spangler effect.

Veritasium – an element of truth
A terrific yotube channel. Use it as inpspiration for your teaching or to get your kid’s attention.

The dancing scientist
This guy is thinking outside the box! Get inspired on how to try new ways of teaching science. Find his youtube-channel and find a smile on your face.

bNosy. A start-up helping kids master science through edutainment. Funded by Karolina Kjellberg based in London, UK.

The naked scientists – This podcast try to engage and twist science facts, news and answer to questions sent to them by the public. Use it to get som add-on information to your lectures or to get your kid eager to formulate his or her own question and send it to the program.

Home experiments

Science Experiments for All Around Your home
I love to do experiments with kids. There are tons of things to do if you search on the internet or in books at your local library. See one example provided. Enjoy!

bNosy. A start-up helping kids master science through edutainment. Funded by Karolina Kjellberg based in London, UK. They are not introduced to the international market, yet.

Coding for youngsters

Scratch (ENG) –

 U++  (ENG) –


Science centers

Andrea Pettersson
Curator: Andrea Pettersson, social entrepeneur Lund, Sweden.

Science centers
What is a science center? In my opinion, Science centers are perfect complements to the traditional educational institutions.

The European network of science centers and museums
Ecsite gathers more than 350 organisations committed to inspiring people with science and technology and enabling dialogue between science and society.

Association of science-technology centers (ASTC)
ASTC is a global organization for science centers. Science centers emphasize a hands-on approach, featuring interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to experiment and explore. Try the link to find science centers to visit all over the world.


Serious games for Science Communication

Curator: Christina Makarona; visual thinker and problem solver with a passion for helping people understand. 

Why games? Games in Education: Serious Games

A great literature review by Futurelabs about the role of serious games in education.

10 serious games that changed the world
Some of the most famous and influential serious games examples. One of the most fruitful ways to procrastinate!

Are you developing your own game?

GameMaker Studio
If you want to develop your own game but have little coding experience, this is an easy to use engine to get you started. The free version allows you to test necessary features.

Unity3D game engine
This is a more advanced game engine for both 3D and 2D games – and non-gaming applications. Full feature list is available in the free version for non commercial projects.

Do you want to get in touch with people to help you?

Serious Games Institute
An academic group with extensive experience in serious game development. A good start in your search.

‘Game design for social change’. An organisation with great spirit and a rich portfolio.

Playhubs gaming incubator
If you need to recruit others to help you build your game, incubators such as Playhubs can help you find expert game developers.