Links: SciArt, Music and Shows

Links: SciArt, Music and Shows

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Science songs

AocSqSW-Curator: Olle Bergman, communications consultant, lecturer and writer with a passion for science, history and people. Personal webpage.

The lab playlist from The Guardian

“A motley collection of [16 great songs about science where] musicians have turned their attentions to science over the years – sometimes rigorously, sometimes tenuously and sometimes downright inaccurately.”


Sing about science and math

Songs for teaching, learning and fun. More than 7000 songs, with lyrics like of this kind: “In the central dogma, start with DNA / This codes for messenger RNA / On the message triplet codons” (Siebens: A singing summary of biotech)

Acapella Science

One-man-show that turns popular songs into the fun summary of complex science consepts. If you in need of a quick review, Bohemian Gravity and other hits are there to help.

Science Shows


A weekly Youtube show that combines good explanation into all things science with art, humor and music. The hosts answer the burning questions from their audience like Why Are You Always Tired? or just have fun singing The Periodic Table Song. After each episode, the list of sources is provided.


Daily episodes of SciShow vary from quickly asked questions like Is running bad for your knees? to talk-show format episodes  Statistical Paradoxes. They have branched SciShowPsychology and SciShowSpace for those with particular interests, and SciShowKids for young curious minds.