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Break it Down: Refreshing Science Communication

Break it Down (www.breakitdown.eu) is a Belgian science communication collective of rebel scientists, storytellers and designers, each with their own field of expertise. Break it down helps you to break down your message, communicate it to the world and increase your impact. Science communication is on the rise! Various Scicomm agencies are popping up like mushrooms across the globe! […]

How to create clear and attractive graphs/illustrations?

Pieter Torrez from Crastina and Scigrades had a quick chat with former scientist-turned-scientific illustrator Agnieszka Kawska who is the main author of the guide “Graphic design for scientists and researchers” . This free guide contains tips, ideas and an introduction to latest trends in scientific illustration and animation for the smartest people on earth. The interview […]

How platforms like External Diffusion can highly improve the outreach of your research paper

External Diffusion (www.externaldiffusion.com) is a web hub specifically built to help authors of scientific publications spread the word about their hard work to a targeted audience, thereby increasing their impact. Got your scientific publication finally published?! And now? Do you think you are finished? Did you know the average scientific paper is only read by […]

How platforms like Clarafi can drastically improve your scientific visualization skills

Clarafi is a community of scientists, graphics professionals, students and educators interested in scientific visualization. Their scope is everything from advanced uses of visualization in science to visual literacy in the K-12 space. A range of scientific visualization tools have become available in the last decade. Unfortunately, these programs can be quite complex to work […]

How social platforms like AcademicLabs can make it easier to find the right research partners and aim high

The Belgian start-up AcademicLabs (www.academiclabs.co/#/) is the world’s first research lab matchmaking platform. Here, one of the founders Arne Smolders explains why scientists need to use this platform. Have you ever had the feeling that you couldn’t test your scientific hypothesis due to lack of equipment or knowledge on how to tackle it? Did you ever have the feeling […]

How science communication agencies like Mediomix can enlarge the outreach of your research

Mediomix (www.mediomix.de) helps to improve the outreach of your scientific research. Here, the founder Dennis Fink explains why scientists need to use the services of scicomm agencies. As the sheer amount of scientific research is increasing, a new kind of professional agencies are appearing in many countries. Their aim is to make up for lack of skills […]

How Life Science Network can create networking opportunities for scientists

Life Science Network, lifescience.net, helps scientists boosting their networking skills in no-time. Here, the founder Alen Piljic explains why scientists need to join. As a scientist it is crucial to have a well established network to get in touch with researchers who are working in your field, but in another institute or country. These new contacts can  provide you […]