How science communication agencies like Mediomix can enlarge the outreach of your research

Mediomix ( helps to improve the outreach of your scientific research. Here, the founder Dennis Fink explains why scientists need to use the services of scicomm agencies.

As the sheer amount of scientific research is increasing, a new kind of professional agencies are appearing in many countries. Their aim is to make up for lack of skills and time among scientists, and to help them improving science communication.  One such company is Mediomix from Cologne, Germany. Pieter Torrez from Crastina and Scigrades had a talk with Dr. Dennis Fink, marine scientist and one of the founders of Mediomix.


Hi Dennis! What excactly is Mediomix?

We are a digital media agency for science communication. This means, we deal with every aspect of communicating science with online and modern media tools and our customers come from research institutes as well as industry. The things we help our clients with, are for example:

  • Building scientific websites
  • Scientific illustrations and animations (2D & 3D)
  • Video content
  • Social media campaigns
  • Softskill courses for grad students


Why should scientists work together with science communication companies like Mediomix?

We are scientists ourselves – this means that if a researcher contacts us and is looking for a way to communicate his/her science, we understand this person and his/her needs. Talking to each other on eye-level makes a lot of things easier and more efficient. There are many good media agencies out there, why not choose one that is run by creative scientists who speak the same language as you?


How can Mediomix enlarge the outreach of scientific research and therefore improve science communication?

The scientists already have all the tools they need at hand: They have their science, along with hard facts and the impact of their research. We help them to use all these ingredients and put those in a story that laypeople (or other scientists) can understand. The content that we create (e.g. video clips, illustrations or animations) can be used for websites, presentations, grant proposals etc. and therefore put the work of the scientist out there in an appropriate and modern way. They can spread the word about their research more easily and attract more people to their lab.


When do scientists need to contact Mediomix?

We work with grad students and teach them via softskill courses in many ways of modern science communication. That means we meet the scientists already in an early stage of their career, which is very important. Science should be communicated all the time and not just whenever there is a publication, and it is a skill that has to be developed – which takes time!


What are the future plans of Mediomix?

We are still at the beginning and especially in Germany, a lot of scientists do not see the value of modern science communication. We want to change this and give all scientists the tools that make their science look very good and reach a lot more people.

About Pieter Torrez

I'm a graphic designer from Belgium with a master in marine science and a keen interest in (interactive) scientific visualisation to communicate science. I'm the founder of Scigrades (Scientific Graphic Design), providing the scientific community with great visuals to improve science
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