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Communicating Science: Why do we still need to talk about vaccination?

“What makes people question, disbelieve and continue to weight advantages and disadvantages of vaccination?” wonders molecular geneticist  and Crastina staff writer Anastasiia Semenova. In this personal reflection, she chooses an inter-cultural approach to understand the standpoint of anti-vaccinationists. The Crastina theme of September–October 2017 is inter-cultural communication. Vaccination as we know it has changed the way we see global […]

Science and aesthetics – two complementary views of the world

According to Kyiv-based genetics student Anastasiia Semenova, scientists “still seek and create aesthetic elements in science”. Here she shares some reflections after reading the book To Explain the World: The discovery of modern science by Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg. This article is a part of the February theme of Crastina: Science, poetry, and science poetry. […]