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Another Way? – Interview with Dr Paul Whaley

When we think about peer review, we usually think of the traditional model of researchers doing a study and then submitting it to a journal where it is then critiqued. But there are other ways already being implemented. We talk to Dr Paul Whaley all about registered reports and systematic reviews and his vision of […]


Is Sci-Hub Science’s Napster?

One of the biggest controversies in scientific publishing today surrounds the use of the website, Sci-Hub. Now, Sci-Hub is a shadow library database that contains thousands of journal articles which allows researchers to access information they can’t already obtain because it is hidden behind an expensive subscription (known as a pay-wall). However, it has garnered […]

Hana Ayoob – Talks science comedy, podcasts, and art

Hana Ayoob is a freelance creative producer of science events, a trainer, a science communicator, an artist, a comedian, and part of the highly successful podcast, Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?  She is passionate about science and getting more diverse voices heard in science and science communication.   Hello Hana. You have many strings […]