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Making math and quantum physics fun with Chris Ferrie

Chris Ferrie, a physicist from Sydney, believes that parents and children may learn that quantum physics and mathematics “can be fun.” Therefore he decided to create the For Babies Series of children’s books. We had a chat with Dr. Ferrie about his children’s books and the importance of introducing curious children to big ideas! 1. What […]

Baking + Science = Bio-Bodies Bake Off

Do you like to bake? Do you love science? Why not bake science! The Bio-Bodies Bake Off competition allows entrants from all walks of life (students to professional scientists to the general public) to celebrate physiology by baking the best cake. We had the opportunity to talk to Anisha Tailor, the creator of the competition […]

A new way to visualize molecular models with Molecular Flipbook

Molecular Flipbook is a software tool which makes it simple to create and animate molecular models, primarily for molecular biologists. Crastina had a chat with the creator Dr. Janet Iwasa, University of Utah. Dr. Janet Iwasa is a molecular animator and research assistant professor in the Biochemistry department at the University of Utah.  She was named the 2014 TED […]