The Crastina International Science Haiku Competition 2019

We are happy to announce The Crastina science haiku competition! The challenge is to describe your research, alternatively your work or studies in the STEMM field, in the form of a haiku.

The song of plankton - “visualizing” big data as music

Is there a melody in a lake? How about a song in plankton diversity? Swiss biologist and musician Simone Fontana transformed a plankton dataset from Lake Greifensee into intriguing musical imagery –  with different instruments assigned to…

"Virus, the Beauty of the Beast" - an Interview with Hamish Todd

If you haven’t seen Virus, the Beauty of the Beast, I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now: grab a cup of tea with one hand and your mouse with the other and sit down to enjoy Hamish Todd’s latest creation that has been 3 years…