The Crastina Science Haiku Competition 2017

We are happy to announce The Crastina science haiku competition! The challenge is to describe your research, alternatively your work or studies in the STEMM field, in the form of a haiku.



Here is an example from Dorota Paczesniak, who is a member of the Crastina network as well as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Leibniz Institute in Germany.

Asexual plants

invest in reproduction

gene expression puzzle


One winner and one follow-up will be able to choose between geekish things from Amazon, e.g. a puzzle, a t-shirt or a notebook.

The rules

  • Your submission should be posted in the comments below before April 10, 6 PM CET.
  • Your haiku should be a brief three-line poem, but we are not purists when it comes to the right number of syllables etc. We will gladly accept whatever your high-school teachers accepted as a haiku.
  • The winner will be announced as soon as the jury, a motley crew of Crastina-connected people, has made up its mind.
  • Submitted haikus will be published – with full acknowledgements – in Crastina’s Twitter feed.
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