What is the coolest science merchandise out there?

What is the funniest, nerdiest or most beautiful science merchandise out there? Let’s vote!

In recent years, the market for merchandise conveying nerdy humor has exploded. Not only do major players like Amazon and redbubble offer loads of t-shirts, smartphone cases, pillows – there’s an international plethora of small companies and basement designers doing great stuff.

To celebrate this multitude of ideas and creativity, Crastina will run a pre-Christmas science merchandise vote. The nomination will take place Tuesday 17 December to Friday 20 December, and the voting will follow right after. (It’s a bit improvised, so these dates may be modified.)

To nominate a product, write a comment on this web page. Write a descriptive title (e.g. “Periodic system coffee mug”) and a fun description, including a motivation. Don’t forget a direct link to the web shop. To inspire you, we have included some of our favorites!


nominations already!

Nominate your favorite science merchandise right away by commenting your suggestion on the bottom of this page!


Human cell cookie cutter from Bakerlogy (cookie cutters with STEM motives)

Bakerology presents a never ending product range of cookiecutters of all shapes. Here you can find everything from molecules, bacteria, bones and organs to pipettes, well plates and bunsen burners.

See the products here

Nominated product: Human cell cookie cutter


Two Photon Art enamel pins

Two Photon Art is the ”creative outlet of two full-time scientists”, Tera Johnson and Christine Liu from California. They offer jewelry, clothing and prints but our favourites are the enamel pins which come in a number of designs.

Nominated product: vascular brain, black and gold


Science poetry by Mala Radhakrishnan

The book Thinking, Periodically “is a humorous, poetic look at the ups and downs of life through the eyes of a chemist. This illustrated collection of clever, rhyming couplets will entertain science enthusiasts and inspire them to engage creatively with important concepts in chemistry.”

Nominated product: Thinking, Periodically


Defenders of Soma board game

“I’m really liking the idea of the game Defenders of Soma! It actually plays pretty well too. A game about antibiotic use, including developing resistance, all disguised as a fantasy card game.” (Nominated by Nathalie Hou Grün)

Nominated product: Defenders of Soma


Your nomination!

What do you want to suggest? A t-shirt? Jewelry? A toy? A book of memes or jokes? We’re waiting for your nominations in the comments below!

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