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Let’s have a productive conversation about GMO – but first, stop saying “GMO”!

This article is a part of Crastina’s theme ”Approaching the Disbelievers”, written by Dorota Paczesniak   Compared to the buzz around new iPhones or electric cars, innovations in food production don’t get people excited. Instead, many think of ”GMO” as something that should be avoided, if not banned. But the real question isn’t pro- or […]

Crastina Column, Sep–Oct 2017: Can a simple card game help us see things from ”the other’s” point of view?

Can a simple card game reveal hidden aspects of culture and demonstrate how biased we are when meeting people from different backgrounds? ”Indeed!” says the experience from the Graduate Professional Skills Certificate program (module: Thinking Critically) at the University of Saskatchewan. Here, the teachers Wenona Partridge and Trisha Dowling use the Barnga game as a […]