Entries by Dorota Paczesniak, PhD

Crastina Column, Sep–Oct 2017: Can a simple card game help us see things from ”the other’s” point of view?

Can a simple card game reveal hidden aspects of culture and demonstrate how biased we are when meeting people from different backgrounds? ”Indeed!” says the experience from the Graduate Professional Skills Certificate program (module: Thinking Critically) at the University of Saskatchewan. Here, the teachers Wenona Partridge and Trisha Dowling use the Barnga game as a […]

Science Gingerbread competition

We at Crastina feel that gingerbread have a great, but largely unutilized potential as a science communication medium. Now we can change that together: let’s have a Science Gingerbread competition! So, here is your assignment: Cut and decorate your gingerbread cookies to illustrate a scientific phenomenon or process. Send us a photo with a short description […]