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Girls in STEM: brain, farts, and a female science comedian

The forthcoming science comedy show for girls, Science with Sophie, has a simple message: any girl can find science around her, and be a brave, curious, silly and smart scientist. Crastina’s Julia Turan had a chat with the creator Sophie Shrand. This interview is a part of the bimonthly theme of Nov–Dec 2016: ”using oral communication to inform, inspire […]

Innovation, imagination, and narrative: Science new wave cinema

The upcoming ImagineScience Film Festival is held across New York City between October 14 and 21. Here, the founder Alexis Gambis describes the story behind it to Crastina’s Julia Turan, and explains the challenges of portraying science in film. “When people ask me how I made the transition from scientist to filmmaker, I explain that it was organic,” says Alexis Gambis, self-described […]