Starting a podcast – experience and tips from Blanka of Drop the STEM

A science podcast not only about the results of the research but mostly about the process of research – this is what makes Drop the STEM unique. Elizabeth from Crastina reached out to its founder, Blanka Novák from Hungary, to hear more about…

The Art of Scientific Performance: Science Busking with David Price

Science busking, in simple words, is expressing and 'selling' science on the streets, allowing passers-by to enjoy the beauty of science and scientific experiments at any time of day and anywhere. This sub-genre of scicomm is engaging and enjoyable,…

Jury member interview #1: Sam Illingworth, SciCommer and science poet

On Thursday, 18 July, the winners of the Science Haiku Competition 2019 will be announced. In this lightning blog series, we asked our jury members to share their impressions of this year’s entries; stay tuned for more! Dr. Sam Illingworth…

“Get a crash course in information design and effective communication!”

Learn a little bit about information design, and you can make very effective visuals together with an illustrations professional. This is the advice of Belgian 3D artist & illustrator Luk Cox, specialized in making graphical abstracts. The…

5 TIPS #2: How to succeed as a fact-seeking interviewer

How do you get to hear really interesting stuff  when you’re gathering facts, experience and opinion during an interview for an article, report, etc? By establishing trust between you and the interviewee!

How to succeed in interviews—some reflections by an experienced expert reviewer

To succeed in interviews, you need to show genuine interest, stay present in the moment and demonstrate your self-awareness. Professor Helena Jernberg Wiklund shares some of her experience .