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Rahim Munir: ”There are multiple gains with having a personal website”

“My exposure to juxtaposition cultures, from Korea to Saudi Arabia, have shaped me into a vibrant, adaptable and tolerant personality,” writes Rahim Munir, PhD student at KAUST on his personal website. Rahim continues: “This blog will help me and readers to use culturally and scientifically emanant curiosity to explore and think more about actual realities of […]

Nikola Vukovic, Aarhus Uni: “My website helps me keep a consistent professional profile online”

”Having a personal website allows you to create a unified platform to integrate all your various identities,” says Nikola Vukovic, postdoc at Aarhus University in Denmark. This month, Crastina is reaching out to scientists who uses a personal website as a communication platform. The Crastina theme of November–December 2017 is “the scientist’s personal website”. Nikola Vukovic (http://nikola.me/) is a […]

Crastina Column, Nov–Dec 2017: ”Why you A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y need a personal website as a scientist” by Stephan van Duin

Being a scientist means that you need to promote yourself as skilled and influential individual in your professional field. Accordingly, a personal website seems to be an obvious tool for a science or tech person with great ambitions. Here Stephan van Duin from The Online Scientist explains why in closer detail. The theme of Crastina in November/December […]

How to produce a stop-motion video about quantum computing

“What are quantum computers and how does playing games help physicist in cutting edge research?” This intriguing question was recently explained in a very elegant YouTube video published by ScienceAtHome.   Crastina got in touch for an interview with one of the creators: Janet Rafner, who is a physicist and scicommer, currently at Copenhagen University, Denmark. Hi Janet, […]