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Agile Science#1 – the search begins

What is Agile Science? I still don’t know, but as a former molecular biologist who is writing about Agile issues for organisations like Softhouse and Scania, I certainly like the sound of the expression. Feel free to join me on my exploration! In 1921, the Italian Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello published his play Sei personaggi […]

Crastina Column, April 2017: “Lamenting the wordiness of learned people” by Olle Bergman

“Text, text, everywhere, Nor any message to get.” Paraphrasing Coleridge, we introduce  this month’s theme: ”short & punchy”. Our column writer is Olle Bergman, Swedish freelance writer and project leader of Crastina.  Exhibit A: The Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, hugely impacted the world since the 7th century BC. And yet it was printed (according to tradition) on just two stone […]

Kelley Swain, Poet-in-Residence in Oxford: “I will never become bored with writing poetry about natural history”

During 2016, Kelley Swain has been one of three poets in residence at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. “It’s a safe bet that poets will be interested in being ‘in residence’ at your institution,” she says.  The residency has been a part of the Visions of Nature year and included three established UK poets who are known […]

Using poetic verse for scientific abstracts – a study by Sam Illingworth

Can the accessibility of a scientific article be improved if the original abstract is interpreted in poetic verse? Sam Illingworth – SciComm teacher at Manchester University and  science poet – recently decided to explore this. The study: Are scientific abstracts written in poetic verse an effective representation of the underlying research? Hi Sam, how did you get the idea […]