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Agile Science student project at Brussels Engineering School ECAM: “We can’t wait to try it again!”

What possibilites can Agile offer in an academic setting? This is explored by a five-member teacher’s team at Brussels Engineering School, ECAM. Crastina had a chat with Benjamin Berger, Assistant Professor. Introducing a modified Agile method for the students seemed like a step into the unknown for the teachers at ECAM. At the outset, the […]

Create an infographic in the Lifeology SciArt Infographic Challenge

How do you visualize the theme of Communicating Risk & Uncertainty in an Uncertain World? This is the challenge presented this month by the SciComm network Lifeology. This interview is a part of Crastina’s current theme Visualization & Graphical Abstracts. Lifeology is a platform for engaging lay audiences in health-related science via fun and accessible […]