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TCC in Nairobi teaches effective communication to scientists

TCC – Training Centre in Communication – in Nairobi is the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. The first lesson was held in 2006 and so far, almost 3000 participants have taken part in TCC’s course activities. Crastina had an email conversation with Ms Joy Owango, who is the Co-Founding Non Executive […]

TAP helps prospective students choose dream university

TAP – The Access Platform – makes life easier for students who are gathering information about universities in different countries. To serve its target group, TAP helps universities in different ways, for example by distributing personalised information and offering one-to-one chats with student ambassadors. Crastina had a chat with one of the co-founders: George Olesen from […]

Meet Sarang Park – manager of @IAmSciComm

Here at Crastina, we’re very proud to be hosting one of the most influential channels in the #SciComm world: the @IAmSciComm rotating Twitter account. We checked in with the account manager, Sarang Park, to see how she is doing. Founded by Amanda Freise and her teammates at SciComm Hub in 2015, the rocur @IAmSciComm today […]

Sharing an experience we all can relate to – our childhood

Can we really relate to a general adult audience? That’s the million dollar question for all SciCommers. The team behind Frontiers for Young Minds chooses a unique approach: they tackle the hurdles of understanding by engaging kids as reviewers. This Crastina Column initiates the theme ”Kids & Science” at the crastina.org website. Do you remember those long […]