Hana Ayoob - Talks science comedy, podcasts, and art

Hana Ayoob is a freelance creative producer of science events, a trainer, a science communicator, an artist, a comedian, and part of the highly successful podcast, Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?  She is passionate about science and getting…

Sam Gregson, Bad Boy of Science: “Comedy helps to bridge the gap”

The Bad Boy of Science turns out to be a very friendly guy: particle physicist, scicommer, comedian, and YouTuber Dr. Sam Gregson, currently  based in Leeds.  “I’m very energetic and enjoy producing content that is current, relevant, interactive,…

Dr Shannon Odell - The perfect balance of Science and Comedy

Did you ever have a professor, making jokes during lectures and you felt like you understood and learned better in this course than with the monotone and boring professor? Did you ever ask yourself if science and comedy could mix together? Do…

The Crastina International Science Haiku Competition 2019

We are happy to announce The Crastina science haiku competition! The challenge is to describe your research, alternatively your work or studies in the STEMM field, in the form of a haiku.