Advent calendars with science theme

Web based Advent calendars seem to become more and more popular, and they come in a multitude of flavors regarding themes, content and form. Here are some of the (more or less) science themed calendars of 2016.

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General science

24 scientific takes on the holiday season (Stockholm University, SE)
Christmas-themed tidbits from researchers of Stockholm University. ENGLISH

Max-Planck Gesellschaft  (Max Planck Society, DE)
Germany’s most successful research organization, located in München, presents a science image every day. ENGLISH


LTHs adventskalender (Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, SE)
Video-based science show by tech students – a strong tradition at Sweden’s southernmost technical university (teknisk högskola). SWEDISH


Physics & astronomy

Thermodynamics: The 2016 advent calendar (The Royal Insitute, UK)
Great brushup for people who didn’t pay enough attention during the classes about the fundamental rules of our world: the four laws of thermodynamics. ENGLISH


Physics in Advent (Deutsche Physicalishe Gesellschaft, DE)
A competition, based on 24 experiments that are presented to young researchers and anybody who enjoys things like this.


2016 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar (NASA, US)
One image of our universe from NASA’s Hubble telescope every day. ENGLISH

Chemistry & geology

Compound Interest Chemistry Advent (Compound Interest, UK)
Nice infographics, presenting the molecules which put us in the Christmas spirit. ENGLISH


The 2016 Great Geoadvent (Geological Society of London, UK)
“Expect the usual range of tales from the archives, history, tenuous links between geology and Christmas, youtube forays and terrible punning …”. ENGLISH


The 2016 Daily chart advent calendar (The Economist, UK/US)
Highlights of The Daily chart: the 24 most popular maps, charts, data visualisations and interactive features of 2016. ENGLISH


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Malin Sandström for the idea.













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