Darwin Day celebrated to promote public understanding of evolution

Darwin Day is celebrated on 12th February to commemorate Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, on his birthday anniversary. The celebrations honor the discovery and intellectual bravery of Darwin, and are meant as acclamation…

Talking science from the top of a soap box

How do you transform public spaces into an arena for public learning and scientific debate? Invite top female scientists to talk to people while standing on a soap box in the street!  Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform, which also…

EvoKE 2017 – bringing together stakeholders for public understanding of evolution

Registration opens for EvoKE 2017, a meeting which will bring together researchers, educators, policy makers, media and museum professionals to discuss the public understanding of evolution in Europe. The meeting will take place in Porto, Portugal…

Fostering a better-educated community — the Hamed Mirzaei Foundation

Dr. Hamed Mirzaei, biomedical researcher from USC, wanted to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences and created his own foundation to sponsor talent and disseminate knowledge.

”If you talk to the press, people might offer you gold mines”

Popular science twitterer @AstroKatie, a.k.a. Katherine J Mack, gave an interview for the Economist and then received a request from a firm looking for a use for an exhausted goldmine–something may be just the right kind of environment for a astro physics lab!

Combining science promotion & data collection

Each year, the Swedish organisation VA organises a public mass experiment—an activity that combines science promotion among school children with data collection. Hence, last fall 10 000 Swedish pupils documented the changes to the autum leaves of trees all over Sweden.