Infographics and Covid-19

It has been a few months since the start of the Covid-19 (aka Corona) global pandemic.

From the beginning, the need to inform the public fast and efficiently about the virus has been crucial for containing the epidemic spread.

In response, Corona-related infographics have exploded on the internet, and have also been relayed on international TVs!

The infographics we share today are some of the best we have seen judging by the quality of information portrayed (and some for the kitty content).

(Of course, we shared English based infographics, but each country/language had produced great infographics for their own population.)

One of the most important corona-related web pages to keep in your favourites is the Lancet Infectious Diseases international interactive map hosted by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

The map is live-updated and displays a number of important parameters:  number of active cases, the total number of cases, total of deaths and visualization of active case progression.

Disclaimer: Looking at the map might trigger anxiety, mostly when we see that most countries have not yet passed the peak of infection. So, be careful to not refresh the page every day like I did when the virus started spreading…

Flattening/Cattening the curve

An uncountable variation of this infographic has been created and it was probably the most shared and the most talked about when the first countries started the lockdown/social distancing policies.

These infographics have been the best way to explain why governments send people to their room, not only for their own good, but to help their hospitals dealing with the sick without being completely overrun.

Of course, internet is not internet without cats… and the coronavirus was not the exception!

The original graphic:

Clear, informative, straight to the point.

The better version:

Epidemiologist Dr. Anne Marie Darling understands the good people of internet and made it better with cats, starting the tend #catteningthecurve

About the virus and its symptoms

Avesta Rastan, scientific designer and animator, realised this very complete infographic on how exactly Covid-19 affects your body with a focus on the alveoli in the lungs.

Avesta’s infographic is particularly great because in one page it gives (1) a background on the role of the alveoli in the lungs and thus – the importance of a healthy lung; (2) how the virus induces flooding of the alveoli, and (3) how the immune system responds to the flooding.

The right panel completes the infographics, giving advice on how to avoid contamination and promoting donation to the WHO!

*Round of applause*

Compoundchem realised 3 very scientifically detailed infographics on

  • “Four ways to destroy Coronavirus”
  • “How hand sanitisers protect against infections”
  • “How do the tests for Coronavirus works?”

We liked the chemical description of the products used against the virus, allowing a good understanding of why do we actually should use these products.

The infographic of the coronavirus test is particularly useful to explain: (1) the structure of the virus, (2) how the current tests are performed and (3) the different issues encountered. The last panel on future testing method is a hopeful ending.

To continue with Corona-diagnostic  SLAS explain “How do Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests Work?”  and describe the blood-derived and virus-derived testing with their pros and cons.

To go even further, Nature published a graphical guide on eight ways in which scientists hope to provide immunity to Covid-19:

The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide

Washy the handsies

If you are like me and have no idea what 20sec feels like without having to count in your head, Wash your hands on lyrics is the perfect website to:

  1. Show you how to properly wash your hands
  2. Transform your favourite song into your new “handwashing tune”

We like that you can pick between soap or gels and customize the skin tone! We would recommend that website for parents to help kids learn to wash their hands accompanied the lyrics of Frozen (sorry not sorry).

For now: here’s mine with bohemian rhapsody from Queen… but you might end up continuing washing your hands until the end of the song… so remember to re-hydrate your hands to protect them from all that washing!

Corona and mental health

A global pandemic is not a good time for mental health… We will not list all the causes but… know that you are not alone!

We suggest you to connect (virtually) as much as possible with your family and friends. Video games have been demonstrated to be a great escape in these time,  and if you spend even a little time on social media… you can tell that finding a new calling into cooking and baking is quite the new trend!

Remember to keep exercising (even at home) and don’t forget to sleep!!!

If you can’t do anything to help your healthcare workers: stay at home and take care of yourselves.

About Lauriane Nallet Khosrofian

I have been a Science enthusiast all my life, but understanding the mechanism of the human mind was my real passion. How does the brain interpret the information from the body into a specific response? Which mechanism the brain submitted to a disease or an injury use to repair itself? However, I decided that my love for science did not bound me to Academic research. I want to help Scientists improve their communication and thus, bridge the gap between them and the public. It’s the best way to improve society!