Meet Sarang Park – manager of @IAmSciComm

Here at Crastina, we’re very proud to be hosting one of the most influential channels in the #SciComm world: the @IAmSciComm rotating Twitter account. We checked in with the account manager, Sarang Park, to see how she is doing.

Founded by Amanda Freise and her teammates at SciComm Hub in 2015, the rocur @IAmSciComm today has over 18.500 followers. Every week, a new SciCommer takes over the controls and starts reaching out, reflecting and replying. The activity is very high: since the start the mean posting frequency has been over 30 tweets a day, totally adding up more than 41.000 tweets.

Hi Sarang! Tell us a little about yourself!
I am a South Korean-born third culture kid who currently resides in Bremen, Germany attending Jacobs University.

How come you wanted to become the Manager of IAmScicomm?
At the time the position was presented to me, my eyes were already starting to open to the way science communication was happening in our communities. Because science was not being spoken well, like any other language, people were misinformed, misunderstood, and mislead.

So, while I was not looking for this position when I was presented with this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to let people, i.e., the curators, not only practice the language of science well but to let the receivers understand what science communication should look like. Ultimately, inspiration would affect both parties.

Are there any special themes, subjects or areas (scientific/geographical/social) you want to target?
As a South Korean national who lives internationally, I am very aware that news of science research resides mostly in the Western world. I want to shine a light on the efforts of those in Asia and Africa, who are working for issues specific to their region.

Name three things that make following @IAmScicomm worthwhile!
1. It is informative – about real science, by real scientists
2. There are no other ulterior motives than to communicate (i.e., speak) science well.
3. The forum is discussion-based – you can ask questions directly to the curators, beginning a conversation that takes you to a new level of understanding

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