Dr Tullio Rossi Animate your Science- a video interview

Dr Tullio Rossi and his team of 7 specialists in science, communication and graphic design thrive in transforming Scientific fact into beautiful design and videos.

We reached Dr Rossi for our infographic theme: His company and how he created it is the perfect representation of what we believe in at Crastina: Bringing Science into society and going further than the scientific publication.


My name is Tullio Rossi, and I founded Animate Your Science on my quest to make a positive impact on society through science.



Highlights of the interview:


Dr Rossi was the one who suggested us a video interview and we loved the idea of a new format on this website!

We discussed how his scientific background of Marine biologist and hobby in graphical design planted to seeds to transform into a hybrid career.

After publishing his first scientific paper, he felt that was not enough. His scientific discovery HAD to be shared with the public or it would be useless. So, he realised his first whiteboard animation video on his PhD research, published it on Youtube and send it to various video contest (very successfully)… This first video changed the path of his life.

He shared with us how the company started it with the help of “Business Incubators” which are companies that helps newly created companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space. Dr Rossi particularly appreciated the mentorship provided by his incubator and is still mentored to this day.

Dr Rossi gives an insight into how is company work with scientific customers, from the lone scientist to bigger government project. And from the first contact to the end product.

During the interview, Dr Rossi provided very valuable advice on how scientists can make the best of their research and how they should think about the “after” of a scientific publication months before it would be published.

We also had to ask about the worst poster he ever saw (he uses one during is workshop) and the issues about the uses of the very transgressive “COMIC SANS MS” font in graphical design #his-answer-will-shock-you.

Finally, to our readers that would like to follow his path to leave academia for a Scientific graphical designer career he says:

“Put yourself out there, it doesn’t have to be perfect but you need a portfolio, it doesn’t have to be science-related but people like me need to see what you are capable of to hire you”.

More about Animate your Science:


Animate your Science is not only a service provider, the company have a blog in which they post high-quality tools to work on your graphical abstract, to improve your communication and infographic game and even provide free infographics template for your academic resumé and beautiful conference posters!!

It’s highly valuable and it’s free!!

But if you really want to step-up your scientific communication game, Dr Rossi animate Science communication workshops such as:

  • Animate Your Science Workshop
  • Simple Graphics Workshop
  • How to Design an Award-Winning Poster
  • Present with Impact
  • Funded! Grant Writing Tips and Tricks
  • Tweet Your Way to Success

His next virtual workshop (mentioned in the interview):

Where to find Dr Tullio Rossi:



We want to thank Isaak Tarampoulous our Webmaster for editing the video interview!


About Lauriane Nallet Khosrofian

I have been a Science enthusiast all my life, but understanding the mechanism of the human mind was my real passion. How does the brain interpret the information from the body into a specific response? Which mechanism the brain submitted to a disease or an injury use to repair itself? However, I decided that my love for science did not bound me to Academic research. I want to help Scientists improve their communication and thus, bridge the gap between them and the public. It’s the best way to improve society!
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