Conversation with a Canva Community Outreach Specialist

Canva is a new web based service, worth exploring for anyone interested in graphic design. Metaphorically, it can be considered a graphic studio, a classroom and a library in web format. But they also have a very interesting social media strategy, where they put special Community Outreach Specialists to work. 

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It Is very easyThe Canva service in itself is a sort of electronic workshop for the production of different kinds of visual material: blog graphics, Facebook Ads, presentations, flyers etcera. But the site also contains a Design School which offers basic knowledge, tutorials and and lots of inspiration for anyone who wants to keep abreast with trends in graphic design.

As a part of their social media strategy, Canva uses staff who are Community Outreach Specialists. They explore the web and send friendly, personal emails where they present their service and suggest where it can be linked. Crastina was contacted one of them – Sylvester J. from Sydney.

Hi, Sylvester. How does a Community Outreach Specialist spend his or her day?
I usually start the day reading emails. Lots of them. I always make it a point to reply to every single one in the least time possible. Afterwards, I’ll do some follow ups to older emails (those who have not replied yet). Perhaps some of them are on vacation or are doing some more important stuff. Lastly, I try to scour the web for blogs and websites that could benefit from using our tool – Canva.

It Is very easy kopiaHow do you find the right balance between being committed to your task and being intrusive?

This is definitely the hardest part of being a Community Outreach Specialist. A lot of authors/site owners will usually perceive you as a spammer or automated bot. While we do have a default email template to use, I usually make it a point to edit some phrases which would make it as personal as possible. The key is to sound friendly and personal. Social media tools such as LinkedIn also helps in showing your credentials.

Please give three pieces of advice to the person who wants to do electronic “footwork”, spreading the word to individuals about a useful community, service or resource.
• Always reply to your emails even if they are not interested in your resource. Be friendly!
• Make it as personal as possible
• Before sending out outreach emails, always ask yourself: “Are they going to benefit from our resource/product/service”?

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