Dance your PhD – 2016 edition open for registration

“Dance your PhD” contest is open for submissions until 30th of September 2016. In this annual dance competition, you need to explain your PhD research in a form of interpretive dance.

Nuclear fusion, water protection policies, sperm competition – all of these were turned into dance form by contestants of past editions, so don’t think that your research topic is not suitable! In addition to the immortal fame on the internet you can win $1000 sponsored by the publisher of Science magazine.

The founder of the competition John Bohannon has previously shared with Crastina some tips for anyone wanting to enter:

  • Create the dance with a group of friends and labmates. It doesn’t have to take more than a weekend.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of explaining too much. Just focus on a small piece of the science.
  • Have fun. It makes it fun to watch.
  • Best dances each year always have a lot of heart. Everyone is 100% committed. That’s what makes great art.

For more information and to register click here.

Below you can watch 2015 edition winner, Merritt Moore.


About Dorota Paczesniak, PhD

I'm a biologist interested in diversity on various organization levels and the evolution of reproductive modes. As an educator my aim is to increase public understanding of the dynamic nature of biology. I'm an enthusiast of creative science communication, e.g. through words, games and art.
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