Florence Schechter, science YouTuber: “Talk about what you find interesting; that enthusiasm will shine through!”

Florence Schechter, biochemist and science communicator from London, shoots and edits her own YouTube videos in a wide range of science related topics. She is currently producing a new YouTube series called ‘How To Spot A Scientist’.



Hi Florence! Tell us about your YouTube channel and how you got the idea!
My YouTube channel is whatever I happen to find interesting in the world of science – sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s fun. I got the idea in my third year of university because I wanted to get involved in science communication but opportunities were so far and few in between, I thought I’d make my own opportunity!

Why should your videos matter to the young scientist?
Science is expanding away from the arcane halls of academia into something anyone and everyone can get involved in. Even the scientists now are bypassing the regular forums like publishing in journals in favour of publishing directly online. The young scientist needs to keep up with changes in the community of how science is being presented—get it from every medium! And that includes YouTube …

Give three pieces of advice to the science or tech person who wants to use start a #SciComm video channel!

  • Always have your audience in the back of your mind—this will guide your degree of scientific complexity, tone, subject matter etc.
  • Production values are less important than you think! People are listening to what you have to say, not looking at your lighting.
  • Talk about what you find interesting. That enthusiasm will shine through.


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