GapSummit 2016—a top notch networking forum for biotech people

Applications for GapSummit 2016 are now open —“Global Biotech Revolution’s flagship conference”. Alise Molotova from GBR explains why this will be a place where current and forthcoming trailblazers of the biotech world gather to shape the future – and also sharpen their networking and communication skills.


Click to apply to the GapSummit 2016 between the 19th September and 29th November 2015.

“The GapSummit is an intergenerational leadership summit in biotechnology, and Global Biotech Revolution’s flagship conference. It is organised to empower like-minded people embarking upon the early phases of their career to begin to implement solutions to the most pressing gaps in the global bioeconomy,” says Alise Molotova, M.Sc. in Genetics and Chief Operating Officer of GBR.

What will the Global Biotech Revolution bring us in the future?
Our mission is to inspire and support the next generation of leaders to ensure the sustainability and growth of the biotechnology industry. This is achieved through our three core values:

  • Challenge: To challenge current knowledge, challenge industrial dogmas, challenge current leaders, and challenge each other
  • Grow: To grow the knowledge, training, skills, and perspectives of young leaders. To inspire future leaders to grow their local bio-economies and look beyond to see the impact they can make globally
  • Connect: To connect with leaders of today, connect with each other, and connect and inspire student masses globally

How do you choose the participants?
GapSummit will be welcoming applications from across all regions of the globe. We are seeking enthusiastic students, post-docs, entrepreneurs and early-stage professionals. Those passionate about discussing the current global bioeconomy and the grand challenges biotech will need to solve by 2050 with leading industry experts, policy makers and researcher pioneers are warmly invited to submit an application to the GapSummit 2016. The top 100 leaders of tomorrow will be selected and invited to attend the summit.

How do you address communication and networking skills of ”the bio-leaders of tomorrow” during the GapSummit?
The GapSummit programme is designed for the Leaders of Tomorrow to learn from and challenge prestigious industry, policy and research representatives. Audience members are encouraged to put their ideas for solving some of the challenges in each field directly to the speakers at both keynote and panel sessions. There will also be workshops to allow in depth discussions on specialist topics ranging from Intellectual Property to Commercialising Research.
Our Voices of Tomorrow global bioinnovation competition also provides the bio-leaders of tomorrow the opportunity to develop their communication skills under the guidance of experienced mentors. This competition is designed to support breakthrough solutions to challenges facing the future global bioeconomy. The top teams will be selected to pitch their proposals to a prestigious panel of judges at the GapSummit and will receive dedicated training whilst at the summit in order to help refine their presentation skills.

In addition to the networking opportunities throughout coffee and lunch breaks, the GapSummit will be hosting dinners in some of the most prestigious venues in Cambridge. These dinners shall provide the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal, whilst connecting with speakers, sponsors and your fellow Leaders of Tomorrow.


Alise Molotova, Chief Operating Officer, GapSummit 2016 at Global Biotech Revolution

How do you think communication between students/early career scientists and the high-tech industry can be improved?

It is important to ensure students/early-stage career scientists have opportunities to connect with the high-tech industry to learn from established professionals and challenge industrial dogma. The GapSummit conference provides a platform for this to take place. This should be supported via online platforms and wider media dialogues.

Finally: give three pieces of advice to an early career scientist who wants to raise capital for a promising idea!

  1. Connect: connect with the people around you, inspire them with your passion and see if there is a need in the market for your idea.
  2. Grow: embrace change and be flexible in growing your idea
  3. Challenge: challenge established dogma – outside the box thinking can help overcome setbacks.

About Global Biotech Revolution

Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) was established in 2012 by two PhD students Ipshita Mandal and Christian Guyader. It is a not-for-profit lead entirely by students & early-stage professionals. Our vision is to create a network of current and future bio-leaders who grow and support each other’s ideas and knowledge, and think innovatively on growing the global bio-economy through collaborative ventures. To achieve this, we connect biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers to bio-leaders of tomorrow. We engage key stakeholders through physical and online platforms that initiate and build future global conversations and collaborations.

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