Great tips for unexperienced speakers

As all ignorant people, I am sceptical to  things that I just don’t understand yet. To me, Prezi is just such a thing. Personally, I have not yet seen the great benefit of the concept in itself. That said, I know that people wiser than me are very comfortable with the concept, like Norbert here on this blog.

A recent article on Zoom into Prezi—i.e. the Prezi company blog—contained some really good advice: 10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking. The ten paragraphs are spot on, and I think they really have summarised the basic problems for unexperienced speakers in a very concise way. Don’t forget to read the comments, as they also contain some experienced speaker’s wisdom!

Now, this is a Prezi which should accompany the text. I’m not really certain if it is really needed. I would rather say it just a source of distractions. But that’s me—the Prezi barbarian!

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