Beer loving academics out there: unite with #academicswithbeer!

With the hashtag #academicswithbeer, all the beer loving academics out there may now get in touch on Twitter. The initiative was taken by Elena Milani (@biomug) and Cristina Rigutto (@cristinarigutto) – two Italian academics with a passion for both beer and scicomm.

LINK: Elena Milani: Is beer a Twitter tool of engagement for academics?

Hi Elena! What is #academicswithbeer and how did you get the idea?

#academicswithbeer is a way to engage scholars in Twitter focusing on a common interest: beer!

I got the idea while drinking beer (beer makes me creative) and chatting about social media with Cristina Rigutto. As we were focusing on tools of engagement she jokingly send me a funny pic of herself drinking beer, and I commented back: “your are an #academicswithbeer!”. As soon as I sent the message, I realized two things:

  1. All the academics I know drink beer
  2. There were no hashtag linking beer and academics

So I started one (using Cristina’s photo) with the purpose of engaging other scholars.

gold beer in the hand and beer taps

How has the response been so far?

Many tweeters favourited or retweeted the launching tweet, and some of them have already tweet beer moments, home-made beer, selfies and so on. However, the audience has been even larger after Academia Obscura (@AcademiaObscura) shared #academicswithbeer, and I thanked him for spreading “the beer”.
Actually, Cristina and me, are monitoring the stream to check which kind of pictures are more shared/favs: selfies, beer pics or memes.
Here some data from 23/6 to 11/7 (18 days):
  • Tweets 160
  • Contributors 87
  • Total audience 77.527
  • Total impressions 239.158
If I am an academic who likes beer, how do I engage?
There are many ways you can engage, for example tweeting beer moments, beer selfie, quotes, sketches, pics, your favourite beer or you home-made beer, memes.
The language of the tweet doesn’t matter.
CIdBusQWEAASrE1What’s your own favourite beer?
My favourite beer is a Belgian strong ale, the Quintine Ambrée.
Which is, in your opinion, the best beer country in the world?
That’s a tricky question! Each country offers different kinds of beer, so my answer can change depending on the beer taste and on my mood, too. However, I admit that I love Belgian craft beers!
But you gave me an idea! I think I’ll start a survey on #AcademicsWithBeer 😉
Don’t forget to read Elena’s piece about pie charts here on Crastina!
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